MBX-Class '18 is overpowered for A800 Cross Country with Rocklxd's tune

I drive Automatic transmission and not that good of a driver either. And yet in one of the online races I was so far ahead that the next guy was 25sec late.

I posted a video on YT - THE BEST A800 Cross Country in Forza Horizon 5- MBX '18 - YouTube

Tune by Rocklxd - 706 116 108


It’s wonderful, just won 5 in a row.

Yup with this car I can beat the Driveatars on Unbeatable.

Not entirely surprised by this…Rock’s tunes are excellent, have yet to find one I don’t like

I am Rocklxd. Or am I? U will never know because I’m anonyyymous

The X-Class was already top tier in Horizon 4 and with the bodykit it gained a lot of stability which was the only slight weakness in 4.
The rear tire width is extreme (365 or 375) while the front tire width stays stock which is very PI efficient. I even have a second X-Class as B700 road car and it’s decent there as well.

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absolute beastly tune, thanks for sharing this info. i just tried it out and let’s just say i was so impressed that i followed the creator. i normally avoid CC events like the plague but now with this tune i’m going to finish them all.

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Rock is definitely a tuner worth following…they came up with some amazing FH4 tunes

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Yeah, Rocklxd is one of the best tuners, particularly for cross country options. His tunes for the CCGT, RS200, Hula Girl and X Class were gold standard meta in FH4.