Mazda 787B or Audi R18?

So… I hafta buy a car for P class and i don’t know if I should go for the Audi R18 or the Mazda 787B.
A legit source said that the Mazda is the best car for P class but i see a lot of people driving with the R18 too.
So which one do you prefere and why ?

The 787B hands down.

First off, it packs a satanic punch… the acceleration is demon-like, so is the top speed… not to mention that orgasmic SOUND.

Second, it handles like a dream and sticks like glue to the tarmac, provided you know how to tame it properly. Has a perfect balance of under/oversteer.

It’s just beautiful to drive - GO with the 787!

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The R18 is a 4 wd. so its easy to handle for beginners. And the exhaust sound gets boring after a while…

but if u can manage it I will highly recommend the 787B :slight_smile:

Try them out in free play and rent them both and see for your self what u think.
There are plenty of great tunes for them aswell if you don’t prefer to tune it yourself …

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I agree that you should rent both and try them out on wet and dry tracks to see which one suits you most. I’ve wasted more than enough credits buying leaderboard cars before only to dislike their behavior on track no matter what tune I downloaded.
Myself, I am not very good in P or X class. I have both 787B and R18. I like the R18 more but am faster in the 787B.

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The 787B’s a leaderboard car for P/998.

The R18’s arguably the second-best car, but as the e-Tron’s AWD it may work out better for you on wet circuits.

787b if you stink at driving. It’ll make you way faster.

Else, bentley, the old pug, the new toyota, or the oldest audi.

The oldest Audi is the fastest audi…

I’ve always loved the V12 lmr… Just suits my driving style. Theres a lot of cars you could try. The 787 is the best but sometimes the funnest car is not the best. You should pick one based on wether you like it or not. But if it was between the 787 and the R18… I’d go R18

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787B, because rotors.

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