Maxwell's Speed Shop's Hotrods and Drag Builds (list of all shared tunes)

Welcome to Maxwell’s Speed Shop. I thought I would take a minute to share my thoughts on my tunes and also shed some light on how my friends and I have been building and racing our drag cars. Our own little FHRA, if you will.

I am much more of a hotrod kinda guy versus a supercar, import kinda guy. I truly appreciate all of it, just prefer the muscle, protouring style. Think Hotrod Power tour or that Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge. My paints and tunes are more that style.

I have come up with a set of “classes” that my friends and I use and so far the racing has been very fun and very competetive. Alot of the rules and setups end up falling under the honor system as I don’t think you can set restrictions as specific. That’s why it has always been between my good friends and people I know would stick to the builds.

1st off, some major, basic rules. ABSOLUTELY NO TRACTION CONTROL. That’s not part of drag racing as far as I am concerned. I prefer your standard fare as far as car choices, at least the goal is no AWD Stradales, but for the most part, our rules weed that sorta stuff out. Manual or manual with clutch. I know there’s a current thread at the moment about which is better, I don’t really have a preference. Just not auto. Last but not least, I am working on tuning and sharing my drag tunes for this so there will be some that can just be used, but if you build your own, please stick to the rules on the builds. Engine swaps are allowed as long as they don’t break rules as far as racing engines, aspiration or weight minimums.

First off, Class D and C “Street Stock” 10"(255 max) stock tire compound:
-3200lbs minimum
-Normal aspiration, no turbos, superchargers etc.
-STOCK SUSPENSION, weight reduction is allowed to minimum
-SPORT TRANSMISSION and RACE DIFF, the one that only has adjustment for final drive ONLY
-STOCK TIRE COMPOUND 255 max width, 10 inch tire Drive tire
-finish the build to max out the class either 400 for D or 500 for C. Some cars won’t make it all the way to max. Some cars will not even be usable, actally quite a few in these lower classes. These 2 classes are alot like D being that 16 yr old that just got his 1st car and thinks he’s fast. Then the C class is more a couple years down the line, a little more work in the car. A little more power. Then comes B Class, “Super Stock”.

Class B “Super Stock” 11.5"(295 max) sport tire compound:
-2800lbs minimum

    -Normal aspiration
    -STOCK SUSPENSION, weight reduction allowed to minimum
    -SPORT TRANSMISSION and RACE DIFF, final drive adjust only
    -SPORT TIRE COMPOUND 295 max width, (11.6"I think)
    -Finish build to B600 max. Do not use restricted parts or go under weight Alot of cars will not be able to make the full 600.

Class A “Pro Stock”
-2000lbs minimum

  • ANY Aspiration
    -Finish build to A700

Leaving us with S800, “Pro Mod”
-1500lbs minimum
-ANYTHING GOES, STAY ABOVE 1500lbs and at or BELOW S800

There ya have it. That’s what we have been racing. That’s what I have been building and tuning. I have alot already shared. As I learn and build more I will share more. At some point I will put up a list. Most cars have paint jobs that go with them as well. Thanks for reading if ya did, lol. Any feedback would be cool. I would love for forza to get a little more into their drag racing. Until they do I can at least have my little Forzaland Maxwell’s Speed Shop, lol!

Hello Zeppelin ,

I really dont like drag races , same with oval racing .

I have try to watch the INDY 500 now several times but after 10 minutes I zapp to another channel .

Good luck and have fun with this and your friends .

Greets ALF

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It’s all good man. I know this isn’t for everybody. I’m just a fan. Never had my hotrod muscle car when I was younger. Living it out on forza. All about having fun!! I will still be out there on the circuits and throwing my tunes out in whatever comp I can get in on, lol!

Almost the same for me , driving VW Golf V in real life . So Im exited too to drive all these awesome cars in the game on the circuits !! I have visit SPA - Hockenheim and the Nurburgring to watch some races .

I like your class breakdown. Hopefully I can get in on some of your group’s races. I love drag racing. I worked for Texas Motorplex (drag strip) for a few years and one of these days I’ll probably end up back on a track but until then, I got Forza. Hope to see ya on the strip sometime.

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Thanks man. I just think it adds a little more than just plain “class” cars. I have never really done any drag racing but have always loved it and hotrods and street cars. If forza would put out a Goodguys car pack?! That would be pretty sweet! Ok, wake up Zepp!! I know. Anyway, if ya ever see me on playing or vice versa.

I think they should give us a Drag Pack. Maybe a 32 Ford Roadster, 1940 Chevy Coupe gasser with a straight 6, a Willis coupe and pickup, an Anglia gasser, bring back the Ford Thunderbolt, the original Cobra Jet, the Copo, a 55 Chevy, They could throw in an Altered A for good measure. They already have a bunch of specialized cars in the game like that Simonize Can Am. An Altered A or slingshot dragster would be awesome.

I also wish they would give us the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb as a new track but I think that’s a chat for another thread.

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Ok, at lunch I looked at what tunes I have shared so far. I have 57 different cars built in my garage, some different builds of the same car. I also have a bunch of circuit tunes shared also. I always build a new car for a new tune, just how I do it. Anyway, as far as what is shared for Drag:
S CLASS Buick Regal
C CLASS '70 Z/28
A-D CLASS '70 Chevelle
S CLASS '57 Bel Air
S CLASS Datsun 510
C & D CLASS '69 Mustang Boss
A CLASS '40 Ford
S CLASS Holden Torana (2 different cars)
2 S & 1 A CLASS '49 Mercury
D CLASS '69 Firebird

Again, that’s all I have shared so far and these by no means are “done” but they are at least done enough to give them a go and for the most part are what I use. I will always be messing around and tweaking. As I finish more I will post them. If anyone has any tips or thoughts, let me know. Most of these will have at least 1 paintjob shared also. Again, some just haven’t shared yet. I would say search my gamertag, xDeaDxZeppLiNx, and follow is probably the easiest. Thanks for the time!

I haven’t been on as much as I’d hope but I have a B class '65 Mustang that I just shared. It’s pretty close to the other B class. Have a ‘78 Z/28 that’s a second slower at the moment. Still workin’ on that, haha. Anyway, hope somebody is enjoying these cars. I am having alot of fun building them either way!

As I have been doing this, I have been trying to see how much real world numbers work. Like gear ratios for transmissions based on tire size, rear gears. I fully admit I’m not real sure what I am doing, but have done alot of searching on the interwebs about as much as i can find. Anybody know whether “real world” works in Forza for drag? And when to choose for example a TH 350 vs. a 727. That kinda thing. Thoughts?

Last night I shared a couple new cars. S Class Opel 360ci turbo (5.7 race displacement) and an S Class '78 Z/28 360ci twin turbo.

Any thoughts or feedback on any of these so far? Wanna know if i am building junk or competitive cars.

When i got the time i will dload some and try them. to busy building tunes for the kadett at the moment. :slight_smile: but i will build a kadett by your drag standards and would like to try it out against some of youre cars sometime.

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Probably be on and off most of the day, with Wildcard games coming on soon. But I am curious how to integrate cars with stock forced induction engines, FWD and AWD. I still have a lot to learn about RWD, not really any idea how to tune for the others, yet. Anyway, maybe a little quick to try to throw in “more” class/divisions. But was thinking maybe an unlimited, R, P, X, build whatever crazy HP thing you can get down the track. Clens the palette, so to speak. And the for the tuner imports that don’t fit into my original classes, maybe a similar structure for those, just have to figure it out.

My whole goal is to have everything end up about the tuning and driving. Or at least make it somewhat realistic. When I hit that Power ball tonight, I promise, I will open up my own, real speed shop with drag strip. And make fund a proper turn 10 drag racing game! Lol

It’s been a Bowtie Sunday! I have gone through my Chevy drag tunes and shared what I have so far. They range in class from D to S, all RWD. There are a few that either because of overall performance and or weight in general seem to be just plain slower than others. Like the A class '70 Chevelle and '69 Camaro. For the most part it looks like a good baseline average for each class would be C class, 11.6-12.0. B class, 11.0-11.7. A class 9.5-10.5. And S class 8.4-9.8. This is kinda the average that I am seeing going with my restrictions.

I am hoping to get some actual race time in sometime soon or some feedback from you guys with how these are working for everyone. How they run on the tracks is important but I am interested in how they “street” race in the private lobbies. That’s what I am building for.

Speaking of that, I built and shared a great “Gatekeeper” Farm truck style Country Squire. It is an A Class, but it DOES break my class rules as is has the 5.9 racing engine in it. It runs a good 9.0 so it would be a good S class Gatekeeper car. I may change rims or something to knock it up to an S701. (I will do that after the playoff games.) The way I see it, in S class, If you aren’t running under 9.0, you aren’t going to make it on a list. I suppose in a private lobby set to any class you could run the a class as a gatekeeper sleeper.
*it’s shared as a S703.

Lol, oh yeah. The tunes. Haha.
S Class
-'15 Z/28 Stock LS twin turbo. Heavy, kinda slow
-'02 Vette 5.9 909hp (mid restricted plate)
-'90 IROC Z 5.9
-'88 Monte SS 5.9
-'70 Z/28 5.9 “Monza”
-'69 Nova 5.9 “Murder Nova”
-'67 Stingray 5.9

A700/(will add as an S701) Country Squire "Farm"ily Truckster 5.9
runs 9.0, may squeeze out an 8.9 or so. Great for any top 10 list gatekeeper.

A Class
-'90 IROC Z Blown 439ci
-'69 Z/28 Blown 439ci (heavy, low hp)
-'70 Z/28 439ci
-'70 Chevelle Blown 525ci (another heavy car)

B Class
-'90 IROC Z 360ci
-'70 El Camino

C Class
-'90 IROC Z 427

Once the football games are over I will fix the Country Squire. Any feedback would be great!

Anybody racin’ tonight?

Here’s some food for thought. While I have been doing this, I have been trying to do as much research as I can about what types of transmisions to use and when. What the “right” rear end should be based on tire diameter. Basically trying to use as much real world math and known numbers as I can find. The way I see it, until Turn 10 gives us an accurate drag racing game, what we have will only be as realistic as we, the players, make it. I guess that’s why I have been trying so much to build cars based on this set of rules. It has been very challenging and interesting. For all the people that think all there is to drag is put a ton of power in, hold the trigger and go, there is so much more! Trying to get a couple seconds on a circuit is for sure a challenge, better lines, an adjustment here or there. I love that as much as the next guy. But trying to find a hundredth of a second in 1,320 feet, that’s a challenge!! But I do understand, it’s not for everyone.

Anyway, I do hope these tunes are working for you guys. I can tell you that A class is my favorite. S is much faster but not as varied with engine combos and setups. As always, any feedback or comments are much appreciated!

I had a request for an RX-3 and a Lamborghini Gallardo. I had an RX-3 S Class with a Turbo 4 rotor engine. I built an A class with a 360 Turbo, Borg Warner 4spd. The Lamborghini is kinda against what I am trying to do with my classes but I figured what the heck. And I have to say, it was pretty fun pulling wheelies in a Gallardo, haha!

Being that the “test drive” for drag is broken, i do basically all of my building, testing and tweaking on the test track. I use the runway where it is the drag track and then I use the flat concrete area behind the hangers. That spot is fun with the little jump at the end of the sorta 1/4 mile. Anyway, i have been running my A class cars on Hockenhiem and Sonoma and wow, what a difference! I knew it was a little but slicker, but i am going to have to tweak my cars for each track. It’ll take some time, but i will work on the better ones 1st and update my list of shared tunes as I go.

I am curious as to what times are at the top of A class on the track and if anyone has put up a good time in any class with one of my cars. Wanting as much feedback as I can get if anybody has any thoughts.