Maximum price setting?

I don’t understand how works maximum price setting that we can select. Particularly for immediate purchase.

Indeed, for the same strictly identical car, sometimes I can put 84,000 and then another time only 67,000 at most, then it comes down to 84,000…
What determines the maximum? Our number of cars for sale? The total number of cars currently on sale in the auction house? Is it a random bug?

I found same issue yesterday and was disappointed

I think it depends on the upgrades on the car, it’s exclusivity, and if it was bought, or won as a prize. I’m not a big fan of the price caps and limitations in the auction house, but they are probably in place to keep a fair playing field. I prefer the auction house from FM4.

I went to selll a car which i saw selling for millions and then could not sell it for 576,000 which really annoyed me

the limit buyout is for not legendary players, once you get the legendary status you can have the buyout to 20 milion cr on every car