Matchmaking needs improvement (FM)

The matchmaking makes no sense as it is done, it doesn’t matter if you drive cleanly, there is always someone pulling people off the track and pairing people of very different levels in the same race which makes it boring

Actually, it doesn’t have matchmaking. They have deceived us, I have almost 5000 skill and in races I am paired with people who only want to bother others.


Guys, you have to make harder to acces S and A Linceses, also de comoetition skill number, actually i think its so EASY, and make de penalties when someone hits you more agressive, a lot of people are mad about this matchmaking stuff


There is NO matchmaking, as simple as that. You join a practice session, no matter when, and you are already with the same people you are going to race, even if there are 30 more minutes left in the registration period.

A proper matchmaking system, like iRacing, Low Fuel Motorsport in ACC or even GT Sport/GT7, creates the splits when the registration window is closed, not before, it’s a joke, that’s not “matchmaking” whatsoever.

You and other 218 people register for a race, you can practice or even set a Q time in a random lobby and then, in the last 5 minutes of the practice session, when no one can register anymore, the top 24 (or so) drivers join the first split, then the next 24 join the second split, then the next 24, and so on.

I wish someone from Turn 10 to say something about this and if they intend to change this system, because right now it’s completely useless.


Please fix the matchmaking

Totally agree Heikki! We need to promote this kind of post to be hear by T10, also they need to include trueforce support for L G923, its disappointing that ppl are buying this stuff just for experience this stuff and turn 10 dosent pay attention.

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Agreed. Total garbage. Plus this safety score thing is conditioning for the social credit score coming. More hot garbage. Three car pile up in front of me on Silverstone that comes back onto the track and into my passenger side door. I end up getting 4 sec :sob::sob::sob::sob:. I love Forza. This one has the best physics by far and the graphics are good too. Most everything else is in the running for worst iteration of the series yet.

I want to see a much improved ranking system. I want to fight to get a higher rank. Like in gt7. Maybe even have seasons where each season you get deranked.
I want to see a championship playlist at the end of each season with points. Your rank will determin what division your put in in the championship.

Race regulations and giving out penalties doesnt do anything if it doesn’t affect your race. Someone could get a 5sec penalty for ramming and continue ramming because that person doesnt care. Having drive throughs or slow down zones like gt so people dont abuse.
Getting disqualified, yellow flags for no overtaking needs to be a thing.
Quitting races needs to affect you rank.

Rank and safty rating needs to be front and centre in the menus. Other Players ratings need to be shown in lobbies for people to care.

Collision physics need to be more sturdy to not be easily spinned. No sticky collision.

Matchmaking doesn’t seem to work at all. I always end up with all sorts of players, skill wise and safety wise as well.

Update 8 has made changes to matchmaking, as described in our Message to the Community - May 2024:


Motorsport thrives on competition, and we’re making changes in our next update to improve your experience by more accurately assessing a driver’s safety rating and updating our matchmaking algorithm to match players who are closer together in safety rating. These changes will help ensure that if you are a clean racer you will match with drivers who are going to give you the cleanest racing experience.

First, beginning with next week’s update we have introduced tweaks to how Safety Rating is calculated by increasing the number of previous races that we use to determine your Safety Rating from 10 to 20. This will put a greater emphasis on your longer-term racing trends. A safe racer with one bad race out of 20 will see little impact on their Safety Rating. A player with a low SR with one clean race out of 20 will see little impact on their rating. This also means that it will take longer for players to raise their SR.

In addition to the shift to longer-term racing trends, there will be increased weighting placed on collisions to determine your SR. Players with many FRR penalties will see their SR drop faster than before.

After the first race in Update 8 some players’ Ratings may shift due to the change from 10 to 20 races in the SR calculation.

For Matchmaking, we updated the search algorithm to search for a narrower range of safety ratings compared to your own. For example, players with an ‘S’ safety rating should no longer match players with ‘E’ and ‘D’ safety ratings.

To put it simply, we’re making these changes to match fast, safe drivers with other fast, safe drivers and improve the multiplayer experience for those who want to compete fairly.

We are aware that introducing these changes into the current Forza Race Regulations (FRR) environment may create concern, and we are looking at a number of changes to Forza Race Regulations in the near term to mitigate those concerns, but we are introducing the safety rating & matchmaking changes in isolation to measure them effectively and avoid unnecessary spikes in false positives before introducing new variables to FRR.

We’re marking this topic closed as complete. If you have additional suggestions to matchmaking following your experience with the new system you may open a new topic; please be sure to highlight the specific changes you’d like to see. Also browse Multiplayer / Online topics to upvote existing suggestions.

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