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From the 10th of July in 1940 to the 31st of October, the Battle of Britain raged in the skies over the UK. Though Forza Horizon 4 takes place in Scotland, I thought it fitting to pay proper tribute to this famous battle through a car named after one of the most prominent fighter-bomber planes of the era, the Supermarine Spitfire.

A small tribute to fighter ace Adolph Malan can be found on the car. The South African was the RAF’s greatest ace of WWII.

It also pays tribute to Mary Ellis, a female Spitfire pilot from WWII, who passed away in July 2018 at the amazing age of 101. She was unfortunately the final surviving female WWII pilot.

This was no easy task, as it had to be just right. I didn’t want to skimp on details or accuracies. So, after many, many hours, this is the end result. The 1962 Triumph Spitfire, with the famous shark design, among other details.

As you can see below, the yellow stripe on the hood has red tape criss-crossing, as an interpretation of the wing edge colour and taping. The overall colour of the car is an adaptation of the military green used on both air and land vehicles the British used in WW2.

The side graphics feature my interpretation of the trademark shark graphic, along with the cream coloured stripe that appeared on the tail of most Spitfires during WWII. The Text “ME22” is a little tribute to Mary Ellis (ME) and her birthday, February 2nd (22). The RAF roundel appears on the side with the pilot designation “AE-A,” the most famous remaining working Supermarine Spitfire, owned by Geoffery Northcott. The victory markers at the front total 42 on each side, for a total of 84 combined. 84 was the reported amount of aerial victories reported of Adolph Malan, the RAF’s greates fighter ace of WWII.

The back of the car features stylized cursive of the RAF’s motto, “Per Ardua ad Astra,” which translates to “through adversity to the stars.”

The top features another famous roundel of the RAF, which was featured on reconnaissance Spitfires as well as nighttime bombers.

So there you have it, my best tribute to the Supermarine Spitfire, the RAF, and the Battle of Britain that I could manage. I’m still debating doing a version with a camo paint scheme, as well as a “battle damage” version with burns and bullet holes and such… In the future, I may do more fighter plane tribute paint schemes, but for now, I shall take to the skies. Thanks for checking out my design, and don’t forget that the upgrade setup is quite fitting, a solid A Class with a really rattly engine noise. Both are searchable by looking for my gamertag, “XxxXnoodleXxxX”. In future, I may do more historical fighter plane tribute paint schemes, but for now, I shall take to the skies. Leave any feedback below, and enjoy! <3

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Enjoyed the story and matching livery. Nicely done!

Same here. It’s good for people to see how much goes into a design in terms of research as well as the time & effort to actually produce it :+1:t5:

Thanks so much. I didn’t want to skimp on details!

This is brilliant, every element has a thought process behind it and the end result is simply staggering. A beautiful tribute.

You guys are wonderful. <3 I think I’m going to continue working on these pilot tribute cars. Maybe something even more well-known… Hmmm… The “Red Baron” perhaps? o_o;

Excellent! Looking forward to the next installment.

I dig this, the livery itself is nice and clean and the story was a fun read, looking out for the next installment!

Working on two new designs now! One is quite obscure, but wonderful regardless. <3 Will rename thread and add to original post when the next design is ready!
Also, wish me luck, dears, as I have entered into both the photo contest and the livery contest! ^__^;

Very impressed with this very thoughtful, you wouldn’t do a dambuster one at all?

If you fancy a challenge, try James Brindley Nicolson VC’s Hurricane.

Interesting story with this chap. Outstanding bravery in the Battle of Britain earned him a Victoria Cross (in the company of so many heroes, it must have been quite something). A few years ago, the RAF painted a typhoon in his colours, which we, the aviation fans, quickly named ‘Gina’.

I was lucky enough to spend some time on base at Coningsby, and got a load of reference shots of you decide to have a go at the livery.

PC1_4207 by Private Custard, on Flickr

PC1_4229 by Private Custard, on Flickr

PC1_3863 by Private Custard, on Flickr

The issue I have with both of these is the design is defined by camouflage. That and really nothing more. I could make the decals, sure, but I’m trying to go for unique planes. Lancaster “Dambusters” all had the same camo pattern, as did Hurricanes.

I have to admit though, the Lancaster suggestion has piqued my interest because of some of it’s more unique paint schemes, such as this:
Lancaster Silver

I can’t think of much I could do with a Hawker Hurricane theme, even with as much inspiration as James Brindley Nicolson. Mostly just because his plane looked like any other Hurricane in any depiction I’ve seen. However, a Lancaster is a definite possibility, as, since the crew was so tightly knit, like a wee flying family, they were more personalized.

Right now I’m working on two WWI car designs. One I really can’t decide if I’m happy with, one is almost done.

So I’m planning on doing a P51 Mustang livery, but I’m hitting a dilemma. The obvious and cliche’ choice of car would be an old Mustang (Boss 302 or such), but I was also considering the Ford GT40 MKII because it’s whole purpose was to take down giants, much like the P51. Thoughts?

A large-ish but graceful fighter. As long as the car is American and pretty, you’ll get away with it.

My picks…

'53 Corvette
'70 Corvette Stingray
'65 Cobra Daytona Coupe or 427

Any of the aforementioned I think would do rather well.