Manual W/Clutch

Hey folks! So, I am not a new driver to racing games or Forza and consider myself pretty fast. But, it has come to my attention that racing with clutch is faster than plain old manual that I usually use so I am considering a switch. I guess what I would like to ask is for some advice on what you guys do (I am going to switch it to the a button) that has helped you be faster.

Also, I don’t know th correct term, but there is something that can be done when using clutch that supposedly makes you faster. Can someone explain this to me? If not in writing I would love some personal tutelage through pm or private racing online.

Thanks in advance!

Yes. Change from Automatic to Manual will result in about 2~3% laptime advantage; that’s 2~3 seconds on 1:40 track. This is less apparent on a long high speed track that does not require a lot of upshifts.

Manual to Manual+Clutch will result in about 1~2% laptime advantage. It is due to the fact than when the gear is changing the engine bounces off the redline, gaining a bit of rotational inertia. Upon clutch re-engagement the stored energy is delivered to the powered wheels in a small burst of acceleration. So at every upshift the car receives a small gain. If there are 10 upshifts in a lap and 0.1s gain per shift. Downside is that downshift requires throttle blip; without it the powered wheel tends to get overloaded and lose traction. Technique to avoid this is to minimize this effect by downshifting later than usual at lower RPM.

I think most use A as clutch then B & X as down/upshifts so you can rock/slide your thumb on A-B or A-X.

I also use A as clutch but use LB as upshift and RB as downshift so when I’m accelerating my right index is on RT and I use left index to shift up. Disadvantage to this method is it prevents me from using brake and throttle simultaneously.

I have seen many discussions on how manual+clutch buttons are assigned so some search should give you good results I think.

Thanks for that reply! I know if will take some getting used used to, but if I can shave 1 or 2% off a lot of my times, that will put me at the top of a lot of leader boards on most tracks that I have already posted decent lap times

If you are using a controller make sure you switch you button layout from LB-clutch to A button-Clutch. Makes it easier in my opinion.

i always forget to do this with every forza. was playing for an hour today calling this game because of the instability when trying to change gear then it clicks, not changed it. pulling the handbrake mid turn whilst crunching the gears with no clutch has a massive effect on your laptimes.

yes it helps loads. you gears change when you want them to, i find it more useful on the down shift, even manual no clutch you have to wait for the computer to decide when to change down. that and you will lose 1-2 mph on an upshift rather than up to 5 with manual with no clutch. about half an hour of practice should see you right and you will be doing it all the time just out of habit no matter the setting, that little thumb slide from clutch to gears will feel really natural after a while.

Thanks again for all the replies. Did a couple race earlier and after about 5 laps was already almost as fast as manual no clutch. We will see how this keeps improving!

I like the standard layout with lb clutch and using your middle finger for the brake. That and no abs is very fast indeed. Personal preference really.

I’ve been using manual clutch since it came out its second nature now I have raced buddies in identical cars who use auto and Stm/tcs I run manual clutch and no assist I usually beat them by 5 or more seconds a lap