Maintenance Mode

I know that suggesting features is like talking to a brick wall for Forza, but man would I love to see game mechanics where you’d actually have to take care of your car.

Gas. Run out and your car is a brick. Refill for 40 credits or so, basically nothing but a little transaction to make it feel official. Gas would also deplete realistically so you’d only need to refill periodically. Run out while during a freeroam? Enjoy ponying up for fast travel.

Oil Changes. Probably would only need to be changed in intervals twice as long as a full tank of gas, but having to pay a few credits for an oil change would be neat. Your engine won’t explode or anything if you don’t change it IRL, but let’s just say your car won’t be at it’s peak performance.

Mud and Dirt. Driving through Mexico can be quite muddy and dirty, and that shows with the game’s system of dirtying cars. But let’s add a bit of complexity to it, and have the mud and dirt stay on the car until you take it to a car wash.

Now you may ask: Why would someone want this?

I’d want it because it actually makes me feel like I actually own a real piece of machinery, one that needs to be maintained. Not a soulless virtual rendition of some car that’s always in perfect showroom quality.

I don’t expect this to ever be added, especially in FH5, but man would I love to see it, even if it’s just a toggleable option.

Leave out the gas refill and oil change, the car wash is a good idea, we could take our own pictures of cars covered in floam