Mad Catz Force feedback wheel for Xbox one

Is anyone having the same problem’s I’m having and that’s not proper feedback, not like I did on my old Fanatec CSR wheel and Forza Horizon when you did a jump the wheel went light while the car was in the air, rumble when you hit the ground, like if you hit a kerb or lost control you could tell by the way the wheel acted , but with the Mad Catz wheel, all it does is rumble and nothing else, please help

Doesn’t that wheel have ffb only & no vibration? Thrustmaster TX is a beauty on this game.

That’s right, no vibration in the Mad Catz wheel. That wheel took forever to come out and when it did it turned out to be a real disappointment. the pedals are awesome but the lack of any add-ons, the weaker FFB, no vibration… I returned mine and got the TX which I have to say is a much better wheel 10 fold. Even got the T3PA, TH8A and a nice GT Omega wheel stand to mount it all to.

It’s a real shame though because I liked the look of the MadCatz wheel, and the adjustable pedals were pretty cool.

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tx + th8a + cpx adapter w/ cspv2 pedals + obutto r3volution is where it’s at!

please people pass on that mad crapz wheel

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I just finished a 5 hr run on FH2 using my TX. Talk about a ball! I was doing Bucket List, hitting signs (xp/fast travel), barn finds, & drove 315/315 of the roads.

TX preformed flawlessly.

I contacted Mad Catz a while ago about the lack of vibration on the wheel , it is supposed to have it , if not the wheel might be faulty
when i used my Mad Catz wheel with the demo it had heaps of vibration while with Forza 5 it had minimal ( it seems to be linked to the FFB though as in setting to low ffb it has low vibration too) , yet to try it with the full game

Update on Mad Catz after submitting a ticket I got this reply
“Thank you for your e-mail
Please note in order to have the FFB working you also need to have the power adapter plugged.
If yes, the wheel might be faulty since you have tried on other consoles too and the result was the same.
Thus, you can contact the retailer and ask for warranty support, as at the moment we do not have the product in stock and replacement process might take longer than usual.
Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.”
I phone the retailer and told them, they are giving me a refund as far as they know there is no further plans for Mad Catz to release any more wheels in the UK