Lower classes rivals for rally expansion

There is only B-A-S1-S2 rivals events in the rally expansion, where IMO map is much more suited for lower classes. Therefore please make D and C class rivals playable.

PS. On the occasion D and C rivals could be added to Midnight Battles too :wink:

Voted and thanks for posting this up ! And YES on the Midnight Battles inclusion too !


@TonyKartRcr Hey, you are posting your tunes on Reddit, right? Can you “spread the word”? :wink:


Yeah my tunes are on Reddit and I will spread the word. @CashlessPlains8, @Bravo437 & @PassionWagon69 and I have had a lot of fun swapping PR’s in C class rivals across multiple tracks. So those lower classes are definitely a lot of fun.


Voted for this! :+1: Huge oversight to not be included from the get go…


Just to make sure that we are on the same page…

I was thinking about creating topic on reddit with a link to this site. Not pinging people on forum :wink:

If you was planning to do it later → sorry for not believing in you. Just wanted to make it clear :slight_smile:


Yeah, I voted. This gives immediate replayability to the expansion and breathes new life into the cars we have. :+1:


Rivals and online adventure please! The corners are so tight, it would be fun to use slower/less powered cars. B class road is the most fun as of now.


C Class Gang riseup :muscle:


Great suggestion! I voted in it! I noticed that as well! The map is small and much more suitable for lower HP cars! I’ve pretty much stuck in the stock Rally Focus the whole time haha


Well, my reddit post didn’t last long. I guess I was breaking “advertising” rules. That sucks massively, was hoping for longer “visibility”.


I don’t understand the harm. :confused: That’s a pity. I hope others feel strongly enough to find this and vote.

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If I see people asking about it I’ll plug it for you. No idea why it got removed.

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What was your post worded like?

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“If you want D and C like rivals in rally expansion please vote in suggestion hub → full link to this site
Thank you”
or something like that. Was trying to keep it short and simple.
@KillerSpectre21 Do you recall if there was something more?
I understand that it is “asking for votes”, but IMO that is different from asking for votes in photo/livery competition or for a new car.

Now I’m thinking about creating post with poll and adding link in 1st comment :upside_down_face:

Ok, the first post does 100% sound like advertising, no wonder why they removed it

That second one could work though, just expect the Vote Conversion to be near 0


Here’s the two removed posts

I understand the Advertising rule but I wish applied so inconsistently, so many posts about irrelevant spam that nothing happens to there.

I expect this to get bonked here at some point for being Off-Topic which is fair :eyes:

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And for online racing as well.

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PS. @KillerSpectre21 thanks for adding link at reddit :heart:

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I’d love to see this as well, so many older rally cars are C and D class stock.