Allow Lower Class Racing in Horizon Open

Please vote and reply here if you would like to see D and C class street, road, dirt, and cross country racing added to Horizon Open and Horizon custom racing. Thanks!!!

I think C class road racing could be fun, it doesn’t have to be fast to be fun.


It lets us have a more toned down experience when you dont want to have to think at 700miles an hour

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I’ll say it again. They do not have racing as a priority. Many of us enjoy the lower class racing and want it represented in the game. Despite our pleas nothing seems to be happening. Unfortunately it seems stories, fixing cosmetic things, event labs etc… all have precedence over racing. They will not even fix the problematic time penalty that somehow I always seem to receive after being pushed into a wall by somebody else who just drives off scott free. I beg you guys to get on the same page about this but nobody seems to care. It’s supposed to be an arcade racing game at it core. Lower class racing would be a step in the right direction. All I see is complaints about this minutia of these cosmetic things that are more important than actually racing to 90% of people. It’s fine to fix that stuff but give some love to the racing too. Nov 1 will be the 2 year anniversary of H5. Not one thing not a single thing has been done to improve or add to the racing. No lower classes, no X class, no ghost, inaccurate penalties, walls poorly placed and I’m sure there are more issues I’ve forgotten. So if you want racing in a racing game, like this post and others who post about this, vote when you can. Don’t like it for my sake I have no ego about likes. Like it because you like racing. Show them we want this improved and more classes but I know I’m gonna get 1 like. So that will not do it. It’s very frustrating but I will die on this hill. I’ve been playing since FM1. What do I know? I feel like I am on topic here. Thank you and thank god for FM finally becoming a reality.


Yes, it is definitely one of the only things we are missing in the competitive racing community.