Low end pc Graphic Options ingame

Please open more graphical options for the in game video and video advanced menus, so people with low end pcs can make the settings more suitable with its pc capabilities.

Example: windshield reflections cannot be disable from the ingame menu.

I’m running it on a core i5 3470 cpu and a nvidia gtx 1060 and, in spite of having the game locked at 30 fps, my system can run the game with handling and in game fluidity pretty stable, but I we could manage to lower even more options such as shadows, cars appearing in mirror or so it would be awesome.

Im used to sim racing and ges such as project cars, rfactor, raceroom and love the f1 franchise, and Im really surprised on how well the physics handle and how the FM2023 is good for a good racing game, its really an amazing game! Congrats and thanks to the devs efforts :raised_hands: