Love the game, but

First off, I love the game. The dynamics are some much better than Forza 5. If you end up off the track, it no longer feels like you are driving through quicksand. Watkins Glen is amazing. The menus are well laid out. I really like the Mods. But there is one problem. Every crash sounds exactly the same. Also the sound effect seems to sound remarkably like someone smashing a fluorescent light bulb. What gives? Did the maintenance guy drop a bulb during development and they thought, “Hey, that’ll do for the crash sound.” I suppose if that’s the only complaint, it’s a job well done.

Yeah I agree, its actually a pretty realistic sound for a car crash, really abrupt crunching breaking glass/metal ect. but when every one goes into turn one its just like pop! pop pop pop! pop! from everyone tapping each other.