Loud crackling noise and distorted sound-Xbox

I’ve started getting a very loud crackling noise and distorted sound while racing. The noise is only while racing, all menus sound fine. There is no problem with my TV or sound system as they work perfectly with everything else.

It started while driving the Volvo touring car at the Dubai circuit. I stuck it out and finished the race, thinking that it might be an issue with that particular race but it’s now doing the same thing at the next race in the series. It’s so bad that I can’t even play the game. I’ve notice several other people have reported very similar issues and that other versions of forza before have had similar problems.

Is this with the new patch installed from today?

The problem has happened on my xbox too, before the last update. Here’s your solution:

1st. Clear your caches.

Go to options, then in the blue-ray menu is the option “persistent storage” >“clear persistent storage”. Do this 3 times, not certain necessary bit it is what the instructions that fix mine said.

2nd: Clear MAC adresses

Go to options > network > network settings > advanced settings > alternate MAC addresses>clear. This is unnecessary data the Xbox one cheats out automatically but sometimes you have to do it yourself.

Let me know if this works for you too

Thanks for the replies guys. I did the update and that has seemed to fix it thanks. Now though, the game is really laggy. It jumps around all over the place like I’m on line and its lagging but I’m just playing the single player career