Lost all progress

Hello, I was playing forza 6, an error occurred. When the game restarted it start d over from beginning. I had to run the first race with the ford gt. I lost all my cars and all my money. But all of my messages are intact, and so are all of my rivals times. What do I do? Is there a saved backup? any help would be great. Thanks.



Still waiting for a reply

This is a transcript of my most recent chat about this with Microsoft.

Richard: Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Richard. Please give me a moment to review your question.
Vincent: hello Richard, thank you
Richard: Hello Vincent, how are you today?
Vincent: good, :slight_smile:
Richard: Glad to hear that. Just to understand you lost all your progress for Froza 6 correct?
Vincent: yes, i have contacted microsoft B4.
Vincent: 1317754876
Richard: Ok let me go ahead and take a look at that reference number for you.
Vincent: they tried to help me, but could not. they asked me to contact Turn 10
Vincent: i have tried contacting Turn 10 using every method both I and the last rep could think of. They asked me to give them time to respond. at least 48 hours. it has now been 8-9 days. No response.
Richard: I greatly do apologize about this situation that you are in about this. I know a friend of mine that lost there progress for GTA V on there Xbox One. Now what I suggested to him to do was go to the forums on xbox.com and post on there and our specialist there would help him figure out what was going on. They helped him out and he managed to get all of his stuff back. Not sure what they did though but they seem very legit of getting things done. So what I am going to suggest for you is go ahead and go to the forums on xbox.com and they can help you get this stuff back for you. I can go ahead and send you a link over this chat to the forums as to where you need to post for this.
Richard: Hello? Are we still connected?
Vincent: i have been on every forum. This game is not like GTA. It is a sim, and i am in private leagues. I compete in private leagues. I can not compete without my cars. I have already missed 2 event over this. Not good. it is not just as simple as a role playing game where playing the game is the point. What I really need is for Turn 10 to gift me enough in game credits so i can get my stuff back. progress and such does not matter. all that matters is the cars. This is the only sim that works this way, it makes no sense. Adn to lose everything? It will take me 2 months at least to be able to get enough stuff back to be competitive. I refuse to put that time in if it can disappear again with no help.
Vincent: problem is, i have no way to contact Turn 10. Non of the methods work. i was hoping Microsoft could help.
Richard: I completely understand that this can be a frustrating situation and I would being the same way if I was in your shoes. The advise that options that are out there is to keep on trying to contact Turn 10 and the forums on xbox.com so they can further assist. I would bug the crap out of Turn 10 till somebody reaches out to you.
Vincent: Really, the best way to get someone to help me is to just keep wasting my time until either i give up or they get fed up and help me. Id this really what you are telling me?
Richard: These honestly are the only options that we have for you to get this progress and your cars back for the game.

Wow, that is unreal. Glad to see I am not the only one who has received dismal help from Microsoft. Since the launch of the 360, that has been how my chats and calls have been. Microsoft is useless and it appears T10 is as well. These support forums are a joke and I don’t even know why they exist.

Sorry you lost all your progress man. It seems to be happening to quite a few people lately and they have received about as much help as you have.

Hopefully you find a resolution or get help from somebody. Have you tried T10’s twitter or Facebook accounts? I know it is a long shot but it may get a response.