Lost all m'y content in the game.

Hello I lost all levels and cars yesterday during game sync… (Lvl 605) how CAN I do ?

You can try holding down the power button on your xbox while it’s on, until it turns off, wait 30 seconds, turn it back on. See if that helps. If not, try emailing Helios, but usually if you lose it all you just have to start again. :frowning:

Hi I have a different problem with losing my cars in my garage & my drivertar. Sync has gone back to 0% but everything else is as it was i.e. credits driver Level &every thing else in the game is the same This has only happened in my main account This is the account that I installed the game in I have the Ltd collectors version and But in my other account on the same console with almost the all the same garage content and the same drivertars sync % every & every thing else is still the same as before the problem started But this only happened After installed the latest Xbox ONE update on the 5th/09/2014 since then it is like I’ve had to start from the beginning BUT it’s strange how it’s only effected the main account &Not my second account on the same console I started of in &When I got my TX Thrustmaster Wheel I got serious with the game & now I still use the second account for mainly testing & racing myself that is heeps of fun trying to beat my self surprisingly &Difficult to do But anyway if anyone knows about this issue and how to fix it if possible that would be great Thanks for your patience I hope that someone has a fix. Thanks Dave.

I’ve also lost all my cars and Sync level back to zero and everything else, when I started Forza 5 it told me there was not enough space and to delete something. However my drive is only 28% full. I believe this to be a cloud storage problem, also MS and Turn 10 are aware of the problems as it has happened to thousands of people. Yet they do nothing about it, why should we buy Horizon 2 when they are not interested in helping us, I’ve cancelled my pre order until they sort these problems out.