Looking to improve my driving skills

I’ve just came back to forza 6 after buying a xbox one and used to be a member of 2old4forza quite a few years ago when I used to play forza 4.

This time around I’m looking to improve my driving skills and am looking to get away from driving with assists so was hoping it would be ok to ask a few questions here.

Is it better to remove assists gradually or is it easier to remove most of the assists straight away. If it’s gradually are there any recommended assists to remove first.

Is there a track/car recommendation that will be beneficial to me learning how to improve my driving skills such as learning corners, brake and throttle car etc.

Also are there any tutorials that I can read/watch that will help to improve my knowledge.

I’ll be using a controller if that helps at all

I personally think just turning everything off and going with it is easier… Well, harder at first lol but I personally think it was easier to just learn everything at the same time rather than turning one thing off and then just as you start to learn it’s time to turn something else off… Only other advice I can give is if you’re using manual with clutch I’d change the option in the controller settings to switch clutch and handbrake. A personal preference I suppose but seems to make things a lot easier. Also, if you go into controller settings and press X for advanced settings I’d go change the settings in there from everything that’s default 10 to 0 and the 95 (90?) stuff to 100 in everything except handbrake and clutch stuff as it won’t make a difference with a controller. Changing these settings will help you with the sensitivity of your triggers allowing you to get on gas easier with more range and the same goes with brakes. Again, personal preference but I feel it really does make a big difference… Don’t give up! I promise you’ll be knocking off some good time once you learn to drive without the assists. They really do make you significantly slower.

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Raceboy77 has a few good tutorial vids on braking, cornering and shifting as well as how to pick a car for different tracks.

Also my biggest tip for you once you jump into MP hoppers is be aware of everything around you. There’s a lot of crazies out there, the more you see the easier it is to avoid getting tossed into the grass/wall/sand.

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my advice,(as someone prolly close to your age) would be to pick out maybe 5 to 10 cars that u love 2 drive now, and turn ur assist off and jus go practice!! Another idea that i personally did was find a series that meets maybe every saturday or whenever and join and ask as many questions u can think of!!! When i played Forza 4 i ran series with Raceboy77, and a whole bunch of others and i watched and learned. Now i always run at least n the top 250 or so leaderboard times
, some tracks even top 50. Anyway feel free to msg me, add me if u want. I would be more than happy to help u out!!! gt: So4thnSoOn77

When I did it, I started by switching from Automatic transmission to Manual w/clutch first. I just ran lap after lap in test drive until I felt I was able to shift and downshift smoothly. After that I removed stability control, ran several laps to get the feel for it and then turned off ABS, and did the same thing. I saved traction control for last, because I knew it would be the most difficult for me. Then I started using F Class and ran more laps in test drive until I was comfortable. It took a while to get up to the R3 cars and I don’t feel I am really capable of running many of the R Class cars without TCS, but its something I am always working on.
I think it really helped me in my tuning to drop the assists. I had to become much more precise in my tunes and in the higher classes, it really made a big difference.

No matter how you do it, I highly encourage it. You will find yourself becoming more and more competitive, where the assists actually limit driver growth.


*hoping to get some quality time on the game tomorrow. it looks like fun and I have missed out for too long.

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I still use TCS on cars above A class. My skill level isn’t great and it helps keep the car on the track.

For me, pulling the gas trigger in the traditional horizontal angle was causing me to pump the power too much. I found that pressing the trigger in a more down/vertical angle with the index finger helped maintain consistent/fine control of the power. Helped greatly with cornering with the higher-end cars.

I agree, just turn all assists off and start practicing in the hoppers. To make it easier at first, keep it set to manual without clutch until your good with no assists (I prefer manual without clutch, period, however).

Good Luck!

Well I dont know about others but I was trying to learn how to drive with all assists off - and I was so frustrated,
I was turning game off every 20 minutes ( maybe because I was using A-Class without any tune but anyhow… my throttle control is pretty horrible - mainly on exit of corner).
Yesterday I decided to do it differently… I used settings: ABS off, TCS on ( without STM ), shamefully AUTO transmission, normal steering. Another thing is that I used B-Class car with grippy tune.
I did this just to learn braking zones for few tracks and finally I was having fun!! I was driving for like 4-5 hours straight and just learning how to brake and now I can say that I can brake pretty nicely and consistently ( well to be honest… I can brake pretty nicely but I have much more to learn ).
For today my plan is to continue in it and probably tommorow or next day I will switch to manual transmission.