Long race rotation in Featured Multiplayer

What’s going on with race lengths? Touring cars not supposed to be long this week?

They only ever seem to cycle between short and medium.

Permanently adding 30-minute-long races to the event rotation within both the Forza Touring Car and Forza GT Series in Featured Multiplayer. Going forward, the length of these evergreen Spec Series will cycle between ‘Short,’ ‘Medium’ and the new ‘Long’ races.


The GT2 event this week is the long length.

Working as intended afaik


Forza GT2 and Forza GT3 will cycle race lengths daily, while Forza Touring Car Series will rotate race length weekly


Touring cars went from medium last week to short this week. Aside from endurance hopper the previous week I believe they had been short cycle here also.

Please delete thread if I’m misunderstanding the rotation cycles :+1:

I think that instead of dividing the length of races into classes, long, medium and short races should be offered within the same class. So that users can choose.


GT2 back to 16 minute races…lame

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