Logitech G920 Wheel "Falling Out" of Calibration During Play

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Brand new to this forum. I recently bought a G920 with shifter and have so far only used it to play FH2. I’m having issues with the wheel falling out of calibration while I’m in the middle of racing/driving. The wheel auto-calibrates when you turn the XB1 on no problem per usual. When I’m driving what I’d call “normally”, it’s just fine. But when I have an intense race and I’m using a fast car that likes to slide around, resulting in vigorous use of the wheel, it will “fall out” of calibration in that the steering wheel’s center cants to the left about 25 to 50 degrees. This leaves me with a wheel that’s off-center and quite awkward to use. Pulling/replugging the G920’s USB cord will solve the issue, but if I do so while the game is running, my shifter all of a sudden doesn’t work (pedals still do). So I end up having to quit the game entirely in addition to resetting the wheel for things to work normally again which is frustrating to say the least. I did not see any thread about this anywhere so was wondering if anyone else has had this issue come up. And if anyone has any suggestions on how to help minimize the effects of this would be much appreciated!

Hi, I just got Forza Horizons 3 and I have the same problem. I have been playing Dirt Rally without issues, so I hope its just a bug with the game? Did you solve your problem?

I have same issue as as you, Logitech support suggested me to recalibrate it in windows calibration tool, but box is gray (inactive). Have you found way to fix this issue?

ive got exactly the same problem, more so on dirt rally when your flicking the car, just ridiculous to have to stop and calibrate

Anyone found a fix for this yet? I’m on PC.

I have the exact same problem on absoultely any game usualy happens on Assetto corsa tho since i USE the game to drift, but some times In drastick moves this happend to my wheel and i have to replug IT… ITS annoying and IT shouldeny happen according to youtubers using thos wheel

Sorry mods for bumping such an old thread, this thread is just the first thread that pops up when googling “Logitech g920 off center” / “G920 out of center” / etc.
Just leaving a message here for the googlers.

I was frustrated by the problem outlined in this thread for the longest time, especially in games like Forza Horizon / Assetto Corsa.

The only thing that fixed it was a warranty claim to Logitech.

My old wheel was mildly rattly, rough and emitted a semi-loud whine when moved quickly. It tended to regularly make a clattering noise during gameplay.
When just plugged in, there was a little bit of “slop” in the center - just a few degrees - which you can push the steering wheel easily from side to side with an audible clunk.

The new one they sent me has no such clunk, and it’s much quieter, emitting more of a dull roar than a whine when moved against FFB.
It does still “clatter” in certain cases during gameplay, but there’s pretty much no slop or clunk in the wheel like the old one.
No matter how fast I move the new wheel, it doesn’t fall out of calibration.

All I did for warranty is send an email to their support (customercare at logitech dotcom) detailing the issue.
They did take around a week to respond, but then just asked for address / details and just sent another brand new wheel over in 4 days, so that was pretty aight with me.

Seeya round, googlers.

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Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I was having the exact same issue, and as part of my troubleshooting process, I uninstalled all the drivers and reinstalled Logitech G HUB to see if that would solve the problem, and it seems to have worked, as now my wheel stays calibrated even under hard, quick steering inputs. I’m not sure if this is a permanent fix yet, but it might be something to try before going to the trouble of ordering a whole new wheel. This fix is for Windows.

Update: This did not work and I will be ordering a new wheel. It definitely is a hardware issue at this point, and that is the best way to fix this. Sorry.

(Sorry this is for PC only)

I have a consistant fix that not only applies to Forza but other racing games as well. This has helped keep the wheel connected properly almost everytime.

  1. Open Logitech Software
  2. Plug in G29 Wheel (USB connection and Power)
  3. Open Forza > Continue on until you’re in the car
  4. ctrl+esc > go into Logitech Software > Set sensitivity to zero (wheel should spin to one side and go limp)
  5. Unplug Wheel (just the USB)
  6. Plug Wheel USB back in > set sensitivity back to preference (wheel should NOT go limp and stay center)
  7. Go back into Forza (or whatever game you’re playing) Drive on!! The wheel should be consistant now.

Hey guys. I have had this problem since i got the wheel for some years back. When i tried to troubleshoot, it was nothing about that stuff on google. I began to think about warrnty just when it was gone out. Thats my fault tho,and logitech had no more responsibility… Hope someone can come with an consistent fix since there is no other option for me.