Logitech g920 + shifter gear grinding noise

Hello everyone, this is my first post. I looked for this topic but found nothing of any use. Here’s my scenario…

  • I played with the Logitech G920 in manual + clutch WITHOUT the shifter connected. I used the regular clutch and paddles to shift. No problems. If I mis-shifted it would grind as expected and cause 4% damage.

  • I am now playing WITH the shifter and regardless of how well I shift it makes the grinding sound. It’s random (happens more often than not) - sometimes I go through a race and it’s normal, yet other times it makes the grind sound every shift. Note that damage is only added to the transmission on legitimate mis-shifts, not normal ones that make the grind sound for no reason.

  • I’ve changed controller layouts, advanced settings, transmissions, clutches, cars… everything. Nothing seems to fix it or make evident the issue that’s causing it.

  • I bought an XBOX One solely for this game, along with a seat and G920 + shifter. Needless to say this is terribly frustrating and is ruining the experience for me.

  • Is this happening to anyone else?

  • If so has anyone came up with a fix?

  • Is this a known bug or something?

  • Is MS/ Turn 10 looking at resolving it in an upcoming patch?

I do not have the problem but you might want to disconnect everything and reconnect it again. Make sure all connections are tight. Try that.

Not a bad idea I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the reply.

Hi, I may have a solution. I encountered this bug as well as several orhers so I decided to uninstall the game and reinstall it. I’ve done a few races since and it hasnt done it agian. Might be worth a try.

I’ll fool with the connections like the last reply said and if that doesn’t do it I’ll reinstall. Thanks for the reply. It’s driving me crazy.

Please let me know if re-installing it resolves the issue. @Aran

Nope, reinstalling did not work.

Here’s some more info on the problem and a temporary but annoying fix I’ve come up with.

My shifter came in after he wheel so I was using the paddles + clutch when I first got the game. When I was doing this I don’t recall ever having the problem.

When I get home from work today I’m going to disconnect the shifter and see if I can reproduce the problem. If I can’t - perhaps the shifter is causing issues?

I think that those of us that are having this problem are going to have to deal with it until T10 or Logitech fixes it (whichever is causing the problem).

Here’s my fix: After every race, go to advanced controller settings and make an adjustment to your clutch deadzone settings. For example, my clutch deadzone is set to 10/90 - I’ll change 90 to 89 then back to 90 and press A. I did it 10 races in a row and it worked. It’s hell doing that every time by the way.

It seems that either it’s the shifter or the deadzone settings causing this problem.