Grinding Gears with G920 - Clutch IS Working?

Hey guys,

Just fired up the demo for the first time and went about changing the settings to suit my wheel, it’s the Logitech g920 with H pattern shifter.

Obviously I’ve set it to manual with clutch but straight away I noticed every gear change it’s making the usual sound of when you miss a gear like a horrible crunch. It’s doing it when putting the shifter into gear not taking it out of gear. Only doing it in cockpit and driver view as well.

I went into the advanced wheel settings and opened the clutch dead zones from 10-90 to 0-100 but that didn’t work, the clutch is working as when pressed I can rev freely.

Also tried restarting the demo a few times with no luck, any suggestions or is this a bug with my wheel setup and the demo?


Sorry I should note I’m running the demo on the Xbox One X

My g920 does the same thing. Definitely a bug…hopefully will be sorted in the full release.

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Using G920 + Shifter in the full release and gear grinding noise is still happening when it shouldn’t be. Tried the same thing with the dead zones and nothing.
When creating a custom steering profile, the left and right steering is also inverted (not a huge problem but still a pain).

PLEASE fix this.

It’s an issue with the in car views, if you use the bonnet or bumper views, that grinding doesn’t happen at all. It’s been a long standing issue with Forza games.

Hello! It unfortunatly is a hardware issue with the pedals, heres what you need to do. It is wear and tear on the cam of the gear sensor in the peddals. You need to take a dremel and grind down the metal and plastic to give the pedal more travel to compensate for the manufacture wear and tear. The lobe gear has some slop in it and its just enough to keep you from 100% gear travel. Also They need to get on fixing it in game to becaude its just rediculous. My wheel shakes itself to death on game startup as well. Shame on them. Hopefully these pics will work for you.