Livery/vinyl group sort order/algorithm

Anybody have any idea what drives the sort order on liveries and vinyl groups? It seems like download count plays a factor, but sometimes a lower download count one is jumped higher in the order.

Also, any idea what drives liveries to get “featured” when folks are randomly searching? I had one vinyl group get a bit over 1k downloads in a couple days, and then it just dried up. I tried resaving over it to see if basically republishing it might spark anything, but it’s stayed quiet. (Not solicitor for likes/downloads with this… genuinely curious)

If it’s based anything on their tune sorting algorithm then I would say it’s a combination of basic sort ordering + RNG + bugs.

I think there is a mechanism, that it just saves as a new one if you changed anything. Plus I would expect that it works like with liveries. The most popular liveries published in the last 2 days are displayed and once a day the liveries older than 2 days are removed from the recommended section.

Edit: 2 day-ish. A livery can stay in recommended up to 48h when published shortly after the old ones got kicked out.
Also what a player sees contains out of 4 “buckets”. First liveries featured by PGG/T10 (usually from the contest in this forum). Second one contains liveries from friends/people you follow, I think sorted by popularity. Third one displays the most popular ones from today and yesterday. Last one shows all time popular ones.
You see 5 from each bucket, if one bucket can’t provide 5 liveries, more from another bucket are take so it adds up to 20.

Oh, and when I say sorted by popularity I mean highest sum of likes, downloads and uses.

Yeah, it finally occurred to me that uses might factor in, despite the fact that they’re not displayed anywhere (which makes it way less intuitive). So I have liveries that haven’t been downloaded all that much, but people must have been using the heck out of them. That’s funny.

You can see uses of your liveries under “My Designs” if you select the livery.

Huh. Well there that is. But yeah, it’s not displayed on those other screens, so it becomes an unintuitive sort order.