Livery stats reset glitch(?)

I had a livery design that was downloaded, liked and used, for a total of 1800 CR. I loaded that design up again and changed a bunch of layers and saved the design “to car” and didn’t overwrite the original design in the Library. Then, when I go back to my designs, the download stats for the original livery have been erased!? It’s acting like I changed the original design and it reset the stats for that design. Is this a glitch? I only saved the changes to the car and did not save them to my library.

Edit: My concern is whether or not I’ll continue to get the “usage” credits for the design from the people who downloaded it before? I’m assuming not, so the game just screwed me from usage credits for whomever downloaded the livery originally.

Edit 2: The original design reverted back to “private” status. I had to “share” the design again to add it back to the marketplace. (?) Something’s not right.

Every time you change something in the design , even only the description, the count of downloads, like and usage reset. You’ll still get the “usage” credits from the “previous” creation, but you won’t probably see it on the stat of the “new” creation.

Maybe you have 2 creations shared. I know that it’s the case for one of my creation. Unfortunately I can’t delete the old one and I can’t download it either since it’s my creation, even if I deleted it.