Need help understanding what happened

I am the original creator of the penndot truck. Lastnight I noticed that my truck livery was replaced in the suggested liverys by someone that copied my design and it was only visible by the search function. He had 5 downloads lastnight and zero likes. This morning when I looked, my design file was completely removed from the game and all of my downloads and likes have been reset to zero. His copy has instantly gained downloads and likes and if you subtract what he had lastnight, it equals what I had.

Now I know that you can’t stop someone from copying but the bothersome part is why or how was my stuff removed? And losing your stats? I re-uploaded everything but still… I put a lot of effort into making that and yeah it wasn’t some exotic design but I took the time and researched actual photos to make it realistic as possible with vinyl placement and design. Heck I even livestreamed the build. I’m trying to build-up a livery brand but apparently people can just take it as they choose. Any ideas that could help me?

Not particularly, no. As for losing progress, I’ve zero clue how that even happens. To me, that means someone manually went in and removed specific amounts from each stat. I find that extremely unlikely, so please post screenshots if you have them to quench my doubt.

I might not be fully understanding what happened, but I can tell you a few things that might help clarify your situation. Many painters have had designs basically unshared without them actually doing it. It’s something that seems to be happening at random. One guy I know had 15,000 downloads on one design and it randomly was unshared. The stats are still there if you go to your creative hub you’ll see the downloads are still added into your total.

Now, as far as “Suggested Livery” or what’s better known as “Trending Today”, if you are lucky enough to get a design on those boards, it usually only stays up there for 24 hours. Then it rotates and new designs get a chance to be there. I am guessing those boards rotated and it was just a coincidence that someone else had a similar paint they shared that day that got on the “Trending Today” boards.

When you search “new design” your Followed list and anything Featured by T10/PGG shows up first, then “Trending Today” which rotates every day, then most popular, these are designs that often have 10’s of thousands of downloads.

I hope this makes sense.

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I don’t know if this might help, but from what you have described… it’s almost impossible for the game system to removed your file like everything has been reset to zero…, unless someone signed in with your account, went in to the game and unshared and removed them all manually…, or someone might reset your game save file… but even this can be restore from the game server when launching the game…

It might also be something went wrong in the suggested design as it only goes for 24 hours, this is why I personally never save my design with default save file name “Forza” or “Forza Livery” and never leave blank its descriptions box before sharing; so even if this happens… and indeed it was due to something wrong with the system… it might be… but the chance is very unlikely or almost impossible…

Even back in FH4 when there were so many cases on “Profile Error” or Error 47 if I remember it correctly, you still can restore your game save file (at least for PC, I don’t know how it works on console), the fix for this error 47 is to backup your save file manually located in “wgs” folder (before the error 47 occurs); when the error 47 occurs… just close the game and replace your game save file with your backup and relaunch the game, when it syncs to the game server just choose to use the game save file located on your PC, it will then replaced the corrupted one in the game server next time you exit the game…, this error 47 was caused by apps conflicting; the Xbox Console Companion (the original XBOX app for PC) and the newer XBOX App for PC (both from MS Store),

So I think the Error Profile 47 would be the closest one that causing you to lose your game save file, but from what you’ve described above, it’s more likely that someone went in to your account and run the game with your profile and removed them, this can be easily done because the game license is registered with email address whom purchase it, and it can be install and shared up to 10 devices with the same email account being registered to the game, so if you shared any of your FH/FM series… make sure the game is not registered with the email that you used for your gaming profile…

PS (edited): even in Profile error 47 case your shared designs vinyls and tunes are all still up there and shared, you don’t lose any of it, it’s only causing the game to not recognized your profile due to conflicting apps…

The Penndot truck is a famous vehicle surely someone else could have painted it?