Liveries: possibility to delete a livery still applied to the car (like it works for tunes)

If my car has a tuning setup applied I can still delete the tuning file and yet the tuning will remain on the car. But if a livery is applied I can not delete the livery without the car being reset to stock. Yet if I put the car up in the Auction House and it does NOT sell I can retrieve it again, it will still have the same livery but now I can delete said livery from ‘My Designs’ and it will still remain on the car. This seems to proof that liveries do not need to take up the limited space in ‘My Designs’ to be visible on cars but ideally this should be possible without the Auction House workaround we frequently apply. Could liveries in the future work in the same way as tuning setups (= even if you delete the file it’ll still remain applied to the car)?