Life after the starter cups...

I’m currently putting the Drivers Cup on hold altogether right now, it doesn’t interest me to do a usual division based series with barriers put in place. I’ve just been playing free play and I can already feel the boredom creeping in… So be very afraid.

what I did in forza 6 once I was done with career mode is just do free play. I literally spent 400 hours just in free play.

All I need is the ability to blueprint championships like in Horizon 3. To be able to pick a division, tracks, options, and go.



That is called free play tons of options a tad fiddly but you can race any thing you want against any other car or cars you can have F1, Indy Nass cars Minis. V8 supercars all at once if you play with the options.

Freeplay is alright at this but requires a bit of micro management

Private league races are great. They get you out practicing and making money that way. Then when you actually compete you get credits for the online race… usually 15 laps or more so its a pretty decent payout.