Leveling Up Reward Cars


I have over 300 cars in my garage so remembering them all is not feasible.

When a car is offered when you step up a level how can you tell if it is already owned?



When levelling up you don’t get offered a car you already own. In the AH you see a little “House” logo so you know what you already own. Speciality dealer doesn’t have the logo, but will warn you that you already own it. You can’t really accidently buy a car you already own.

Edit: I’m not sure people agree with this, but I bought a lot of lower tier cars early in the career so now when levelling up I only get offered Rare and Legendary cars

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If you pick the car, there will be a confirmation screen, and a warning that you won’t get collector score since you already own the car

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Cheers for the replies.


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