Level what......

I was scrolling through some of the leaderboards yesterday and noticed someone was on Lvl 1,045 what the hell.I thought poor guy never gets out.

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LOL. Definitely not married and perhaps unemployed too.

It would be outright impossible to reach that level with a job. I play most evenings after work and I’m about 185.

Last time i looked i was on level 666. Ridiculous i know. Yes i’m unemployed now, for a good reason i might add. Know what I’m still not much good at the game but i do quite like it! I was saying the same to my wife yesterday when we passed on the stairs.


Good for them.

Doesn’t matter to me though, it’s not like there’s a leaderboard for it or anything.

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There is among your friends in game hub of fm6:
Driver level, game completion,time played, credits earned, credits spent.

Get to game hub by : games-select desired game sand the menu button -game hub

Or when playing fm6 Xbox button then menu (like you would to quit and select game hub.

Then tab over to achievements and you will see all those item ranked against your friends

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Are you sure it wasn’t Raceboy77? I remember wathing him on twitch playing Forza 5 and he was over level 4070. Not kidding.

Its not raceboy, I’m at lvel 340 and he’s lower than I am.

Its not raceboy, I’m at lvel 340 and he’s lower than I am.

Forza is love. Forza is life!


I’m unemployed and have all the free time and I’m not even close to that lol (Level 383)

Both myself and my son are over 1200 right now. We used mod packs and did endurance races to level up quicker. Just normal races and online is very slow to level up. And yes… he does schooling and I have a full time job. That being said, we play a lot…

screen cap that, somehow I don’t believe you still, it just seems like an impossible grind for a game that only came out 2 and a half months ago, even with endurance racing you’d have to do atleast 4-5 endurances every single day non stop to reach that level nowdays

I am not sure on how to screen cap, but please use the xbox find user and put my name in to compare games if you wish or check p class leaderboard for Indianapolis Oval. You wont have to scroll down very far.

I am level 41 and that’s because I do more painting than anything, am happy with my level, I’ll just plod along, F7 prob be out before I get to level 100.