Maximum player level and XP to advance from each level?

I know in the previous versions of Forza Motorsport it was level capped. In Horizon 2 it is sort of level capped assuming you can actually get to 999 - and a bunch of people have, which amazes me. Wondering if anybody has actually found what the maximum level is in FM6, and if there’s any kind of listing of the XP necessary to level up from each previous level. I assume there’s a thread on this in here but I used the search and ended up with a lot more information than I was looking for.

It’s only been a few days…

The game isn’t even 100% released yet - no one has reached a level cap.

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I realize it’s only been a few days and no one could likely reach a cap yet - but you might be surprised, some people are crazy and play 15-18 hours a day. I was wondering if anybody actually KNEW if there was a cap and what that number was. Additionally, if anybody knew the amount of XP needed to advance through the levels. With previous versions of Forza at some point it became a set number of XP to continue to level up instead of an escalating amount like it is in the lower levels.

Well, let’s take a look shall we.

If the level is stored as a 16 bit integer then the highest level could be as high as 65535. If it’s a signed integer then the level could only go up to 32767 but that’s still fairly high.

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In Forza Horizon 2 and Forza 5 I believe both were 999.

This time around co required gradually increases which is preferable to F5 static amount :slight_smile:

I’m not sure there is a cap in Forza 5. I’m only @ 1200 and there’s people much higher than me.

If there was a cap in FM5 (and I dont believe there was) then it must have been ridiculously high as I saw players with levels exceeding level 9000. Therefore I do not beleive there will be a level cap this time around.

Over 9000?!?! That power level is insane!!!

So the consensus is there’s likely no level limit or might be 9999. I know in horizon 2 its 999. And we’re thinking its a progressive increase of XP as you go up but I would guess at some point that hits a number and then it’s just that number moving forward. I think that’s how it’s always been in previous versions. I’m at level 40 and when I get on later tonight to play I’ll try to see if there’s still an increase in required XP from level to level. I would guess maybe up to 100 or so and then it would just be a set XP from that point on. I can’t imagine it would still get progressively higher per level. If that’s what it did in Forza 5 and some people got over 9000 that almost seems impossible.

Forza 5 was the same xp every time you levelled. It did not increase exponentially.

At level 70 it takes about 40.000 XP.

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Wow and I thought I was playing a lot, lol. I just hit level 50 and it appears to be 40000 XP from that point on. On some of the longer higher paying career races, with a pair of xp boost cards you can level almost every race - assuming you can afford to keep buying boost cards.