Let's talk level up wheelspin...

How do you buy wheelspins?

You need to unlock the perk first.

Something to remember: The free wheelspin “perks” don’t award the VIP Bonus. I can’t remember if the ones you buy do or don’t, like the perk in question.

I’m level 60ish (63? 64? somewhere around there) and have yet to win a HE car. I have won a decent selection of standard cars though, including but not limited to a GTR 720, an F12berlinetta, and a Countach. Of course, I also got the magical 2,000 CR a few times too.

Purchased wheelspins don’t award the VIP bonus.

Very true, and that makes a big difference in whether or not buying spins is worth it. I’m over 200 now, I think, and have spun enough to get a feel for what’s a good idea and what isn’t. Buying spins for 50,000 really only makes sense if your only concern is getting a Horizon Edition car. There are only three possible CR rolls you can get where you’d at least break even. I’ve been pretty lucky with cash, but even the luckiest of people will take a net loss credit-wise in the long run buying wheel spins. Unless all you care about is Horizon Edition cars, don’t get suckered into buying wheel spins. You’ll end up like a gambling addict in Vegas.

And, also, even past level 200, it only takes 20,000 XP to level up. I heard that it stays that way until level 300. That’s way different than in Horizon 2. If you put off buying a wheelspin, you’ll get another one in at most two races or two bucket lists.

From my Observation, the Spins seem to get Better after Level 150, Before 150 i got mostly 5000 and 2000, After the Horizon cars seem to make a showing more often, and i seem to get a car more often, Maybe thats Just me though, it is luck of the Draw!

People that complain about getting junk cars all the time need to know, if you get one and junk it “Remove it from the Garage” it will show back up again for you to junk again, Keep the Cars and New ones will make a Appearance “Again just my Observation”!

Once you get all 11 HE Cars they will go back to all Showing up again!

Level 246 as of current and feel the wheelspin is well balanced, doesn’t give you too much but doesn’t leave a drought (many bad spins in a row) before your next jackpot or nice win, from my experiences.

Currently have 5 HE cars from the spins and probably about 30-40 cars from it.

my journey with the wheelspins were much more fruitful in horizon 2. So far i’ve won a few cars, had a chance to win a horizon car twice and missed by a lot. im level 44. my level 43 and 44 spins were both 7k, with VIP mind you… still I want me a horizon car dang it! Horizon cars in wheelspins right now for me are ancient ghosts! lol

here’s hoping i get a few nice cars and start pulling more CR from em

SERIOUSLY, why is my wheelspin so terrible bad? I mean less then 20k, like 2k, 7k, 15k … it make me so mad sometime and disappoint sure now i’m above lvl 100 and still get 2k (x2 for VIP) so i get only 4k … SERIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSS???

i just played some multiplayer. wheelspin never gave me the double vip bonus?
does the vipbonus only work when u lvl up in singleplayermode?

Level 282, currently, and have also purchased loads of wheel spins. Have gotten all the HE cars and four doubles. When you get a double, you’re asked if you want to trade it in for 5M credits, which you should do as that’s a lot more than you’ll get for it on the auction house.

I’m at level 455, and have all the HE cars so far. And yes, I’ve sold back duplicates as well.

This happend to me but then I won the M4 HE and I already had it in my garage, so I thought (because I heard that you get 5,5mill for it) this is going to be good for my wallet… but no, It went right in to the garage and there I was with two M4 HE editions…

Was this just before the update or did the game bug just once and I lost 5,5mill? :slight_smile:

Level 282 holy crap and I thought I was playing this game a lot that is insane at this point. I mean I know I spent some of my time screwing around looking for boards and whatnot but damn that’s a lot of racing

It tells me I Can sell it for 42,000, I Can never sell back duplicates for 5m, Whats your secret?

My doubles do not trade in for 5M. A lot less but depends on the car.

That happens only on PC. In the PC version, if you go to your garage and look the value of a HE car, it says 10M. Half of that is 5M.
On Xbox, value shown in the garage is way lower than that, around 200-300k.

Wheelspin’s should scale with level like they did in FM6. I know there is balancing that needs to occur because the Auction House, but some of the spins are just a waste. I do like how the HE are hard to get, makes it that much sweeter when it happens.

How can i do a 999m cr wheelspin? IM TIRED OF THOSE 5k CR

You can’t mate, it was just a bug. Max per spin is 100k (x2 if you are a VIP)

Or 5 millions if you win the same HE car you already have in yer garage.