Leagues a class

Is It me or are people just leaving their car in the a class league lobby and not racing? Do you get points in league no matter where you finish? Seen this a few times and the people have a stupid number of hours on forza and are very high in the leaderboards?

I’ve seen this a number of times and I think they are just accumulating points without playing. It’s annoying as everyone has to wait for the non-player’s car to come back to the lobby and kick off the next timer but in their screen it’s just waiting out all the end of race timers instead of skipping ahead. They’re also going to end up several tiers down after a few weeks and when they do want to race are just going to crush the beginner lobbies they end up in.

Yeah thats pretty cheap. Regardless of league or not there should be something kicking inactive players. Waiting the full time limit is annoying, running into parked cars on the start is even more annoying. If you don’t even complete 1 lap in the race you should be automatically put on spectate at least.

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Yup Mostly they are just trying to increase their bank account while they are not home, the payouts are decent even in dead last so all day of sitting in a lobby when your not home you can have a lot more when you hop back on to play. The game is very new im sure that is something they will work out.