Launch issues

I’m having extreme difficulty launching from the starting line in a number of cars. It doesn’t seem to matter if I give full throttle, partial throttle, blip the throttle, slip the clutch, dump the clutch, start in 1st gear through sixth gear, etc. The car just gives a “lub, lub” sound with the throttle blipping by itself and the car barely creeps off the line. My “opponents” are hundreds of yards ahead by the time I’m rolling. I’ve been driving for 40 years but I feel like a 15 yr old behind the wheel for the 1st time. It seems like the higher I go in class the worse it gets but I have no issue at all with the Lotus E21 which I consider to be the “highest” in the game. The Mazda 787B and Audi Team Joest R18 are among the worst offenders. I’ve given up on racing them. I usually have all assists off with manuel & clutch but when using auto transmission all is well. I don’t want to believe that I’m just that lousy using manual & clutch. All cars are in standard tune. I’m very frustrated so any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

What are some other cars you are having problems with?

I have a few cars that struggle off the line in R-X class but lower than that I have no issues at all.

With those that struggle eg the Etron you need to tune the gears so it doesn’t happen or turn the clutch off.

I’ll have to see exactly what other cars I have trouble with but as I said, the higher the class, the more difficulty I have. I personally have no trouble driving with auto transmission or manual without clutch but it seems many of the members here assume that you wear a pink tutu while reading Cosmo in bed at night if you race with any assists on. I’d like to hear from some of them to see how they’re able to launch off the line without any assists.

I have driven all the prototypes with no assists.

If it does not launch well (the Audi Etron) then you need to tune first gear ie make it shorter or towards the left in the tuning screen.

Then launch with close to full revs (depends on the car but given the problem you have to start with in the Etron you can get it to the point where it launches ok with close to full revs).

Thanks for the tip, SatNiteEduardo. I’ll try tuning 1st gear. If that doesn’t work I’ll just give up & use auto while wearing my tutu. My times will certainly be faster than idling at the start line & I guess that’s ultimately what matters (and just having fun).