P Class Unable to Launch

Anyone else having the problem that P Class cars (ie Merc C9, Porsche 963, Audi R18) are impossible to launch off the line? I’ve tried everything and mine just sit and stutter for several seconds before pulling away.

Only the career endurance races have a rolling start. It’s pretty funny in rivals mode watching your car splutter over the start line as the rival blasts past at full speed.

When it’s happened in previous games, you could drop the clutch and bring the revs back up, away you’d go. In this version, this seems impossible. It’d be great if you could feel the bite point with the clutch.

I’m running manual with clutch on a wheel and pedals (I shift via paddles, no ability to put the car in Neutral).

If it’s a bug that can’t be fixed, I’d strongly recommend rolling starts for this class (like real life). Nobody wins a race from a standing start, a rolling start would be more realistic and reduce first corner carnage.

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This is usually due to a very long 1st gear combined with a lot of mechanical grip. Did you install a tune on these cars?
Some tuners like to make first gear very long in Rivals specific tunes. This way the 1st gear can be used in slow corners for specific circuits, but will come at the cost of a good launch. It’s one of the main differences between a Rivals tune and a lobby tune.

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It’s a mixture really, I’ve been building my own tunes and running some public.

I use both 4 and 5 speed gearings dependant on the circuit. However, even short geared 5 speed ones don’t want to pull away. If you spin and come to dead stop, they don’t have the same problem, it just seems to be the lights out launch.

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In that case I think it’s best to report it in FM Report New Issues and try to narrow it down as much as possible. When it does and doesn’t happen, specific cars, specific tunes, etc.
You can also move this topic there.

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