New Problem: Car won't start at beginning of race

Aloha all

During online racing today (A class FRR), I am “stuck in neutral” at the green flag. My car shows that 1st gear is engaged at the start of the race, motor revs freely, but at the green flag - no forward progress at all.

I have the transmission Assist set to “Manual” - same as I have for years. With the telemetry up, the value for “Clutch” shows as 100% engaged.

Quickly up-shifting after the green seems to get some action - sometimes in second gear, sometimes in 3rd. Once the car is rolling, then everything works properly, but if I come to a stop and try to launch again - same thing, first gear just revs and no wheelspin or power to the rear tires.

Changing cars makes no difference. Changing the assist to “Automatic” transmission - same problem. Nail the throttle and the motors just revs. Changing to “Manual w/ clutch” allows for first gear to engage properly, but my clutch pedal is mapped to the handbrake (Fanatec wheels and pedal set), so not a viable solution for me.

Same issue is encountered in a “test” session - both during online and solo modes.

Switched over to FH4 - same setups there (transmission set to Manual) and everything works as expected there. There does not seem to be any issues with my equipment.

I have reset and hard re-start on my console - but no change. Has anyone else run into this?

Mahalo, Tiger

This is resolved.

I had used the option to switch the clutch and the handbrake. Reverting to the default position restores the proper launch results, but if I switch back to the alternate setting, the problem comes back.

Hope no one else suffers this,

Have you tried tinkering with the in-game deadzone settings? I’ve had to mess with them more than once to eliminate “phantom inputs” on my Fanatec setup (mostly on the brakes), and if your “handbrake pedal” is registering as slightly/intermittently on it would cause what you’re experiencing.

Thanks for the heads-up, will check that. I typically ignore the deadzone for handbrake, as I never (or rarely) use it in FM7.