Last update broke manual /w clutch (at least on PC)

Ever since the last update, the clutch is being engaged automatically at the start of races similar to in manual/auto mode.
This causes excess wheel spin since there is a minimum delay before the clutch is dropped.

Does anyone else notice this?

I did notice a strange problem launching jerkily which I haven’t experienced before, but I’ve been using unfamiliar cars and tunes so I had just put it down to that. So they’ve actually broken it?

How the issue could be fixed? Automatic clutch during the start? Just asking…

Thanks for that, didn’t notice it in the patch notes. Nothing needed to be “fixed”, clutch was working perfectly before!


Have they fixed the problem where the car doesn’t respond for 3 seconds sometimes (not all) when you hit an unbreakable object, like happens in Eliminator? I tried to replicate that issue earlier and couldn’t, which suggests it could be fixed. Doesn’t prove it though because it didn’t always do it before, but it was a frequent occurrence. If they’ve fixed that then it would be great.