Lamborghini Veneo

Is “Veneo” Italian for “Science Fiction”?! What a @!!#$%& HIDEOUS CAR!

I don’t know what’s going on at Lambo these days, but this thing looks like it came from the “Mass Effect” game world or something. I think it runs on antimatter.


I like it lol.


I also like it lol I think it looks cool. Lamborghini have always been known for their out there designs it’s what makes them who they are.

To each their own, of course, is just the opinion of I.

But I still think it’s the illegitimate lovechild of a '78 Countach LP5000 and an F-22 (who met up at an all-weekend “$%&# that goes fast” mixer), which neither machine will admit it’s responsible for.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder lol.

I certainly like it more in photo mode than driving it. At some stage I need to spend more time tuning it so I actually feel like driving it.

I love it-looks like a Reventon & Aventador love child. Drives like neither.

The question is how well does it run time wise in S/R class? I am not spending 10 bucks for 1 car lol, although i really want it.

At the moment my go to Lamborghini in S class for lap times would be the Aventador. R class probably will be the Veneno.

I hope that via further testing and tuning I can bring the Veneno up to speed with my Aventador as I prefer the look of the Veneno (sorry B Wald Big Mek lol).

It’s actually Italian for venom.

But I love the looks. Looks mean and crazy, like how a Lamborghini SHOULD! Lambo’s are meant to be crazy, not boring and average. I liked the Gallardo, but it wasn’t a Lamborghini until they added the Superleggera version and Super Trofeo. Even though the Audi R8 was based off of the Gallardo platform and engine, I always for some reason saw the Gallardo as just an uglier R8.

Veneno is spanish, Veleno is italian.

Anyway, car looks great imo and the handling is quite good. No complaint from me

I ran a 6:50 on the Ring in R class with it, and it was AWD. Definitely capable of going faster.

I’m not much of a fan when it comes to most modern cars but I do love driving this thing. As far as looks go I’m not real crazy about the front end but I do think the rest of it is rather sexy.

I’m really enjoying this car. Out of all of the cars I’ve ran through the Nordschleife, my Veneno has the fastest time so far.

I love it, painted it in carbon so it looks like a Batmobile… Awesome!! I also quite like the way it drives, but i have only had a few laps of the Ring in it so far. Did anyone else notice that with the standard setup, it doesn’t reach 7th gear, or is it just me?

I still prefer the Sesto Elememto (which i want in FM5 more than any other car!), but I’m glad to see Lambo are returning to form, not just making bland, boring Audi trash! Audi does have some cars i like, just not from the last decade… Since then, all boring, even the R8. But each to their own…

T10, please give us the Sesto…


Buddy you read my mind I love the Sesto like I’ve said before I would play the game if that was the only car in it lol.

I would play if it was only the Sesto too, would be happy to pay £10 for a car pack with just the Sesto in! Can you imagine how awesome it would look in FM5… Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it… Driving it round the ring would make me one happy geek!! I’d never stop…

I’m with you 100% though I’m crazy lol I’d easily pay more than double that lol

Having the Elemento and the Veneno square off on a 1v1 race would be awesome.

I’ve been playing around with a RWD one and it’s still amazing just an awesome car. I wonder if it looks like that because it’s going to be the new Bat Mobile lol


Having the Sesto and Veneno face off would be awesome!! I think id have to put my money on the Sesto… Would be interesting to see which would win though, suppose it would come down to the track. You have got me intrigued now, going to have to check the spec’s and find some recoded lap times…


Yea, i would probably stretch to the cost of a season pass… ha ha… It is a very special car…