Lamborghini Veneo

If you can find lap times for both, let me know! I’m curious as well.

That wouldn’t be a very entertaining race at all. The Sesto is purpose built to be super light and insanely fast, the Veneno is perfect as poster art on a kid’s wall (mine too :D) but it isn’t going to be as fast as the Sesto. The Sesto has a 2.5 0-60, which is on par with the Bugatti, where as the Veneno makes it in 2.9. Considering the Sesto is a tick over 1,000lb lighter than the Veneno, the Veneno doesn’t stand a chance on a race track.

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I am aware the Sesto is purpose built, but i would still be interested to see how they stack up. I’m going to hunt out the spec’s for them both and see if they both have times for the Ring… The Sesto must have but im not sure the Veneno will… I hope they do though!! I will post any findings…

In R class lobbies, it’s a barnstormer. Out of the couple dozen races the car has run in online, it’s lost maybe 3, those 3 being due to corner cutters or rammers.

Hot lapping, it’s suuuuuper stable and very quick. It’s not the out and out fastest thing you can run for R class but it is by far the most stable to drive. You can use all 700+ hp very early in the corner and still come out of it facing the right way at blinding speed.

It’s a 10/10 for me.

R classed mine, not to shabby at all with 900+ hp!

Already done over 500 miles in mine :smiley:

The wheel design of the Veneno adds nothing to it as well.

But props to Lamborghini. They created an extremely limited edition version of a car that is sold for millions of dollars. That’s the ultimate point right. There are a lot of tacky, rich people that want to be exclusive.

When changing to RWD the car loses weight and drops 5 PI,nice!

yup, thats what is suppose to happen when converting a 4wd to 2wd, idk what the heck turn 10 is thinking with the other cars im hoping its a glitch that will be fixed.

It has the Prototype car look… performance… not style. Cool regardless.

Love child of a countach and f22? Nah. It’s more a cross between an aventador and reventon. Which is good. A mental lambo which is what Lamborghini are about. It’s also great.

Right, got specs but no lap times… Now i cant be sure that the specs are 100%… I got the Veneno from the Lambo website, but the Sesto from different sources.

CAR = Sesto / Veneno
POWER = 570hp / 750hp
TORQUE = 400lbf / 507lbf
0-60 = 2.5 sec / 2.9 sec
PtW = 3.85lbhp / 4.38lbhp
WEIGHT = 2,202lbs / 3,285lbs

I’m no expert and i know there are a lot more stats to take into account, but that looks like one epic race to me!!!

Now i really want to see them go head to head! On the Ring!!!

If anyone else has lap times or different stats, i would love to see them…

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That’s the dry weight for the Sesto. In FM4 its (curb) weight was 1180 Kg (2,600 lbs).

Quoted from Lamborghini’s website “Boasting an extremely lightweight construction thanks to advanced carbon-fiber technology, the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento has an overall curb weight of just 999 kilograms (2,202 lb) – including V10 power unit and permanent all-wheel drive.”

Edit: the weight we have is incorrect after looking into Lamborghini’s website. The actual weight difference is 1,076lb, not 1,083.

Veneno looks way to cheesy imo…designed to appeal to 6year old boys and billionaires. I’m quite into most of the Lambo cars but the Veneno is just meh.

the winner probably depends on the track. the veneno should win on the speed tracks like lemans.

I still don’t think the Veneno would stack up. 170 hp above but with an extra 1,000lb just doesn’t sound like it would even come close. Long tracks or not, if there is more than one corner the Sesto would walk off.

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Veneno was also a famous Spanish Fighting Bull. Of which the car was named after.

Excuse my miscalculation, 180hp*. I still have my money on the Sesto, without a doubt.

myth busters one did a show about gas milage or energy consumed. once at speed weight is irrelivant to cars. they added massive weight to a car and once at speed it got the same mileage regardless of weight and infact went farther because the added weight allowed it to coast farther. they added about a 6 inch layer of clay all over the car. they then cut divots in the clay to make the car like a gian golf ball. the car did become more efficent with the added weight once at speed. the weight mattters in accel and decel. the lemans straights may be long enough that the higher top speed will more than compensate for what it loses in the corners.

in r class those go carts (70s f1) were like the sesto, they cant touch the saleen at lemans which is like the veneno. i might be wrong but on a speed track power wins. at lemans the go carts are actually below average.

I have seen that episode, fuel consumption has nothing to do with a couple lap race. Also, a 16 mph top end wouldn’t put the Sesto out of a race with corners. It could make up for that in a single turn being over ONE THOUSAND POUNDS lighter. I think that’s the real important thing that keeps getting left out here.