Keeps crashing at first car meet.

So my xbox one version keeps crashing when I get to the first car meet. I can do everything else (bucket list events, play online) but can’t get past this to continue on with my solo game.
Is this a common issue? Is there a way to fix this or am I going to have to wait for an update?

Try holding down the power button for 10 seconds.

Yeah, what he said ^^^^^ you need to do a hard restart of console by holding down power button on console for 10 seconds.

Poor game performance /issues do this

Iv tried hard resetting. Will try again those, know knows.

Ok so after having the console completely powerless for a good hour the game is still crashing at the exact same point.

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Did you get this sorted? Mines doin the same

any joy? this is stressing me out

Mine just got worse.
Just logged on a friends xbox and it loaded the meet just fine, progress and do my next road trip and first race of my new championship. Get back to my xbox how the game loads up with me driving into the car meet and freezes straight away, don’t even get a chance to play the game now.

Iv had uninstalled the game, hard reset xbox, reinstalled the game… Still no luck. This is beyond a joke.

sound like its your xbox one as your fine on a friends… might have a memory (ram) issue call xbox support will likely have to replace your xbox one :frowning:

mines is digital download. have re installed from download and disc. still no joy

Any luck with fixing this ? Mine has been doing this since I first got the game. I have done everything mentioned and even deleted my save and restarted.

I’m having the same issue. Tried to hard reset and re-installing the game to no effect. Still freezing in the first meet cut-scene. Frustrating, because I’ve not had any issues with the game up until now, but I can’t progress any further. Never had any issues with other games on the console either.

I’ve got the same on mine. All my games works fine bar FH2 which crashes at the first car meet.
I’ve tried everything in the book to get it resolved.

A previous suggestion about Memory issue on the Xbone and get it replaced is not the cause as this would affect other games to not just this buggy piece of c err FH2.
What is really frustrating is that there is no support in regards to getting this fixed.
Unfortunately this for me has turned a great games series in to a pile of shit.

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Have the freezing issues on the very first screen, can’t even get ingame. Am not in the beta and have power cycled and reinstalled many times.


Anyone have a fix for this yett? Soo annoying…

Anyone have a fix for this issue yett? So annoying!

So I ended up calling Microsoft support and after trouble shooting they were happy for me to send the xbox to them for them to look at. Before I went through with this I contacted the store I purchased it from and since it was just a month old they were happen to replace it on the spot for me.
This has fixed my game and I haven’t had a single issue since.
I would hate for other people to have an issue with their xbox but this is how I fixed my problem.

Looks like I’ll be replacing my copy. Does it for me too.

Those of you experiencing this issue, are you a part of the beta dashboard preview or not?

no, not part of the dashboard preview, game freezes randomly, happened the first time at the first car meet, could then pass it, but since then it freezes randomly all the time.