Keep it minty fresh

In recent months I’ve lost interest in Horizon and I’m curious what y’all do to keep things fresh.
I used to pick a car, choose a rivals event, tune the car up, and see if it can best some of my better tunes. Unfortunately competitive tunes are all so unrealistic and all more or less the same. Big engine, AWD, big rear tyres, skinny fronts, big rear rims, ugly Forza aero, etc. They end up looking dumber than some SEMA builds. They’re good for setting some blistering times but I want my cars to look like cars
However if you make a realistic car it isn’t competitive at all 90% of the time. But at least it looks, drives, and sounds like a car and not some monstrosity.
Because of this I’ve lost interest and when I do tune cars I simply tune them realistically. The latest Renault I only tuned to 619. Obviously not competitive but I like how it feels and it drives like a car should
But without the competitive aspect I lose interest quick. Only play for a bit and then find something else to occupy me. What do some of the other community members do to keep things interesting? What to you do that makes the game entertaining for more than a few minutes?

Hi McFlufferten,

I think it more a state of mind type thing

I understand what you mean regarding driveability & competitiveness, like you, I spend most of my time in rivals and more often than not i’ll build a car / tune that “feels” perfect - comfortable to drive, holds the track like its on rails and looks like a car i’d like to drive. However, times are nowhere near where i’d like them to be in the competitive sence, probably because the tunes are to comfortable and not on the edge.

So I now adopt the attitude “when in rome” (when in rivals at least) and try to tune accordingly, sometimes (albeit rarely) I’ll find a happy medium.

In regards to rivals, have you tried:

Rivals Challenge - FH5 Edition

They are normally a week long rivals challenge chasing each others times and can be very competitive.

It given me personally more interest in the game, so much so that I rarely do any playlist events just to win another car that I have ten of.

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