Rivals Challenge - FH5 Edition

We had a rivals challenge thread going for quite some time over on FH4. Feels it’s time to see if there’s interest in something similar here. No prizes, just some friendly competition for those of us who enjoy rivals.

Post your time on the thread if you want to take part, and I’ll add you to the results when the event finishes.

Feel free to also use this thread for any other rivals related discussions.


Results tab:

Week 1 - Rare Classics B road : Winner - Jezza (DB5)

Week 2 - Unlimited Offroad A cross : Winner - Bedlam (Trailcat)

Week 3 - Classic Racers S1 road : Winner - Jezza (XJ13)

Week 4 - Anything Goes S1 dirt : Winner - Bedlam (Elise GT1)

Week 5 - Trial/champ selection B road : Winner - Bedlam (Nissan GT-R 93)

Week 6 - Trial selection A dirt : Winner - Bedlam (Ariel Nomad)

Week 7 - Trial/champ selection S1 road : Winner - Jezza (McLaren 570S)

Week 8 - B dirt (Ford) Tulum Trail : Winner - Bedlam (Ford F100)

Week 9 - A road (Audi) : Winner - Jezza (Audi RS4 01)

Week 10 - A street (Retro Saloons) - Winner - Jezza (BMW M3 05)

Week 11 - C road (Retro Hot Hatch) - Winner - Bedlam (Honda CR-X)

Week 12 - A cross (Sports Utility Heroes) - Winner - Bedlam (LR Defender 2020)

Week 13 - S1 street (Retro Supercar) - Winner - Jezza (Elise GT1)

Week 14 - C road (Rare Classics) - Winner - Jezza (Merc SSK)

Week 15 - S2 road (ETT) - Winner - Jezza (Mosler)

Week 16 - A/S1 dirt (Rally Monsters) - Winner - Bedlam (959/Hoonigan Escort)

Week 17 - B street (Hot Hatch) - winner- Xoroxronis (03 Golf)

Week 18 - A dirt (Modern Muscle) - winner - Bedlam (Mustang 13)

Week 19 - D road (70s cars) - Winner - Gilles (Reliant Supervan)


What tracks? I’d like to take a go at week 4

Week 4 was El Pipila scramble :slightly_smiling_face:

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Current event car and tune suggestions tab:


Current event target times:

I do enjoy a bit of rivals - new PB on the board - won’t be worrying that WR or you Jezza 2:52.506 in the Dino used an AWD tune from another forum member Beermachine66


Nice work DM and welcome!

I’ve added Bedlam’s 2000GT to the car list above, as he’s run 2.45 in it to take the lead.

Thanks Jezza, though I won’t be offended if anyone finds a better tune to replace it, as I’ve only just started dipping my toes in the waters of RWD driving and tuning and wanted to try tuning a few myself.

It’s nice to see this thread make a return, and while I probably won’t be grinding these as much as I did in FH4, I’ll likely drop by while the game in general holds my interest.

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Great to see this series return!

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My AM DB5 2.48.602 #229. Its on the LB. Plenty of time left in both the driving and the tune.

Welcome Eduardo and excellent car choice! Tune added, together with Jumpy’s RWD option (I just tried both and ran 2.45.3 in his and 2.45.4 in yours).

Wow lol

Good to know where my driving versus tuning sits

Thanks for trying my tune

2:51.8 in Nalak28’s Dino with a wheel and pedals ABS and manual clutch. I’ll keep trying though.
2:50.420 in SatNiteEdwardo’s DB5 with a wheel and pedals ABS and automatic. Still going…
2:49.307 in Fwyflyer’s RWD Cobra 427 (Shared but still tuning a bit) with a wheel and pedals ABS and manual with clutch. Still going…

All times done on PC with Accuforce ProV2 direct drive wheel, Fanatec CSP v3 pedals, Thrustmaster TH8a h-shifter, Fanatec handbrake and NextLevelRacing Motion Platform V2 (seat mover) in an NLR GTTrack (Cockpit). Now, if only we could add VR to the mix… Whoa, that would rock this game outta the park!

Welcome Flyer. The Toyota 2000GT is under the Rare Classic car type in FH5 and is therefore a legitimate car to use this week. Just in case there is any other confusion, the full list of eligible cars is:

1964 Aston Martin DB5
1930 Bentley 8 Litre
1957 Ferrari California
1968 Ferrari 365 GTB/4
1969 Ferrari Dino
1961 Jaguar E Type
1967 Lamborghini Miura
1929 MB SSK
1954 MB 300 SL
1959 Porsche 356
1973 Porsche 911
1965 Shelby Cobra 427
1969 Toyota S2000GT


Some good times being posted.
Best for me so far is 2.55.14 in a Miura awd, could poss knock 5s off that with lots of practice and a bit more skill but 10s seems a stretch for both it and me

I might have to dip my toes in rwd ,gulp


Not 100% if I’ll participate consistently but just had a quick dabble in the Dino w/ Saeenu’s tune and did 2:49.219, #270 on the board.

I’ll see what else I can eke out of myself tomorrow, think there’s a bit to be shaved off but being an automatic user really hammers me while going up the hill after the Bahia de Plano part.

1961 Jaguar E Type

I did 2:45.092 in the Shelby (RWD, tune is shared but doesn’t feel all that great, you may want to look elsewhere), then noticed a new time just behind from “JBdelac” in the 2000GT which turned out to be AWD with vintage whitewalls. I tried their tune and made my own and it seems understeer is just a fact of life for this particular build. In any case, I’ve improved to 2:44.209 in the 2000GT AWD+whitewalls tune I’ve shared. I don’t know if I’d recommend it for the Trial though since it may not be that good in the wet conditions – tried it once and it did okay but couldn’t catch the lead AI Miura in the second race.

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Thanks Bedlam and solid run. I tried the 2000GT with this tune but the best I can get after 3 attempts is 2:45.082.

I drive auto and notice you drive manual. You get a good .3 seconds on me at the start.