Any popular FH4 tuners on FM7? And how to view their created tunes

I’ve just started playing FM7 and must say I’m very impressed. I always thought the Horizons games were much better but I certainly can see why Motorsport series has the following.

I was just wondering though if there are any of the elite tuners from Horizon 4 that create tunes on FM7? And I am also struggling to see if it’s possible to view a particular tuners created tunes once you follow them, as I can’t seem to see the option.

If not does anybody have any suggestions of skilled tuners? :slightly_smiling_face:

I suggest you to go to RIVALS and check the leaderboards, once there try some of the fastest downloadable tunes untill you get comfortable with one :slight_smile:

As someone who plays both games I don’t really see the same tuners in both games. Greeted Dust comes to mind as someone who has tunes in both games. Most of the people I know who play Motorsport seriously aren’t very interested in Horizon. If are looking for a homologated tunes RP Ticktock76 has many excellent tunes. For regular non homologated tunes the rivals leaderboard would be the place to look as previously stated.

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