Just bought Forza Horizon 3

Now I’ve played forza horizon 2 on the Xbox 360 so naturally I bought for a horizon 3 on xbox one. But now I’m completely regretting it because back in the day when you spent $80 on a game you would get the whole game without being asked to spend your own money to unlock events and cars. What’s the point of buying the game if you can only play half of it?

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I don’t know what you are going on about but you do get the whole game EXCEPT the Monthly car packs and the 2 Expansions that were released, Blizzard Mountain & Hotwheels. That is no different than any Forza released before. You DO have to play to certain levels of the game to “unlock” different parts, like the Autoshow, Auction House, certain Online functions. But you do not have to spend any more money unless you want the Car Packs and Expansions.,

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You dont have to spend more money to unlock events

Are you trolling or just still living “back in the day” before games got add ons and dlc

Horizon 2 on the xbox 360 was never supported after release…that’s why there was no dlc or expansions for it
It’s also not included in the forza rewards program
Was released by sumo games and not playground games

If you had played the xbone version there was 11 monthly dlc packs as well as the storm island expansion

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