It's too easy to get all cars using the forza edition lamborgini siesto

There are a few spots on the map where you can drive that car in circles and rank up the skillpoints easily, if you do them 500k at a time you get 10 “tokens” and if you use those on every car to unlock the wheelspins you get a lot of cars fairly easily in a moderate amount of time. I only need 10-15 cars to have them all and most of the forzathon “store” cars i owned already as well as for the seasonal rewards. So these are of little interest for me now… and you can use the credits from wheelspins to get some other cars easily. I’m not sure if all cars can be gotten like this, like if there are cars that only unlock by completing seasonal events but i think this siesto makes it too easy this way. Maybe the spots on the maps can be fixed by placing rocks or more other obstacles in those places so it’s not that easy to drive in circles and gain skillpoints.

Anyone found out / think the same about this ? I tried to do the same in forza horizon 4 but found it much more difficult to accomplish the same there

30s 10fp is my favorite action. :smiley: I don’t need any circles…

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Since FH4 it’s been extremely easy to get 10 skill points quickly in the right cars like the Hoonigan RS200 or many others, it won’t be changed, don’t worry about it.


It sorta was.

Only Drift Bonus FE is the Pontiac… which sucks! lol Not because the car is bad, but it lacks the good perks the M6 and the Caterham had.

So I reverted to Gymkhana 10 Hoonicorn (I don’t own the RS200 yet).

And who exactly is forcing you to do it the easy way?


And you’re complaining? I sure ain’t.
Besides Sesto FE is far from my first pick for farming skill points in free roam.


Hoonicorn 63000 × 8 multiplier? Me too :joy:

There are about 7 million youtube videos detailing exactly how to do this, and it’s been a thing for many, many years. When they patched out the super wheelspins for the Willies Jeep, it took about 20 minutes for someone to post the first (of many many videos) alternative to the Willies Jeep, for getting relatively easy super wheelspins. Also, the best car for racking up mastery points is not the Lamborghini Sesto, but rather the Hoonigan Hoonicorn. You can use mastery points to upgrade it to have an 8-times multiplier, then simply take it to the airstrip down south, and just drift up and down the runway a couple of times, and blast through the destructible items in the hangers, and BAM! 500K in a couple of minutes. It gets even easier during skill songs.

I farm with the Supra Formula Drift. Easily make it into the millions.

I do farm with the Sesto but only drive up and down the highway. In single player mode you have plenty of traffic there so there is no problem to get 10 points each run. With a little more than a minute for each turn you may not get the fastest way to farm skill points, but is simple just hitting the pedal to the metal and dodge sometimes some other wild drivatars doing silly things. (As there are not in ghost mode while single player as we all know).

In FH4 it was easy with the BMW M6 FE too but way more fun to do it in the Hoonigan RS 200.

In FH5 the Hoonigan may have a higher multiplier but the Sesto way faster gets to its maximal multiplier ratio.

Yes, that has been always that way since at least, FH4. You are not saying anything new. And you dont need 500k. With 200k is enough to get 10 points. And no, you cant drive in circles and build skills fast, thats just impossible. Not without skill chains. Keep that out of your head lol. Its way easier and faster to just drive, make some drifts, wreckage, drift, wreckage, using a skill song. Period. WAAAAAY faster than trying to chain skills doing circle momentum lol.

Also wheelspins? pff. No need. We get em like candies. I already have over 40 wheelspins i dont get tu use, because i already have so many cars and i dont want to keep saturating my roster until i have a fairly amount of CR to tune em properly.

Getting cars in this game is soooo easy you dont even need to do anything special. Another failed gameplay mechanic that they failed to improve from FH3-FH4.

You can also just play the game normally and unlock cars as you go… as intended…

I have 150 hours on the game and already have 510/538 cars.