Car Unlocks for the Casual Player

I’m a fairly casual racer and it seemed like it took me quite a long time to get enough money to buy an Indy Car in Forza 5. I felt like Forza Horizon 2 gave me quicker access to the cars I wanted to drive. Does Forza 6 allow you to get the cars you want to drive faster than Forza 5, or do you still have to work your way up from the bottom?

It’s alot quicker than 5, they’ve added in level up wheel spins from Horizon which help alot. Credits are also easier to come by.

I think it’s a good thing.

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It was pretty easy to make money in 5 also, I never felt like I was ever low on funds. I was also vip so that helped, but still

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The OP made it clear he was casual and most likely was/is not a VIP. Forza 5 is the hardest of the 3 most recent games to earn credits/cars (Not that it was incredibly difficult.) This is simply because there was no prize spins in F5.

This iteration is probably the easiest due to the ability to sell vehicles. You could win a 1-2 million dollar vehicle in the spins and sell for half the value which is a significant chunk of change. It’s much more on par with FH2 in terms of building your garage up.

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There was nothing hard about getting credits in 5fm. They should just get rid of the whole economy to appease there target audiance.

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Between Forza Hub rewards and wheel spins, you’ll have more than enough credits to buy an Indy car within the first half hour. But being able to use said car in Career mode will mean working your way up from bottom tier racing classes to the top one, a grind casual players aren’t likely to stick around for.

After the first half hour you’ll find that cars are comparatively cheaper and credits pile up faster. So sticker prices aren’t as demoralizing as they were in FM5 and FH2.


Thanks for the feedback everyone. I went for the VIP edition this time around it’s a nice extra chunk of credits.

Make sure you collect your rewards, it adds up.