Its sad how long its taking

It’s like Turn 10 forgot that Motorsport is a system seller, and has made people buy Xbox the last 3 Gens to play Motorsport NOT Horizon

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I don’t see any benefit for Turn10 to release FM8 around the release of FH5 or GT7, especially if they feel they can do better to one up GT7 now that’s available. I also doubt they will announce it in the upcoming Microsoft showcase. If they do it would be for a late 2022 release but more realistically a 2023 release.

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It seems like most people (myself included) are betting on a late 2022 release for Forza Motorsport. The game was announced almost two years ago and we haven’t seen anything about it since. It has also been a long time in development. If it releases late 2022, then it will be a full year after Horizon 5, which is how their old release schedule was.

Of course, a 2022 release is not guaranteed, and it might very well be 2023 like you’re saying, but I would still say that it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’ll see the game at “E3” this year. No way they keep their mouths shut for so long without saving up for a big splash soon.

I’d give it a high chance of releasing this year, 5 years in development and Xbox hasnt had a single AAA release this year. Also not renewing the licence for FM7, all signs point to a release this year

They are going to release it within this year or next year but the better question is why even buy this if you are a serious racer and not just move on like all the other top split drivers in forza have? What would even keep you here at this point?

Move on to what? Grid? Forza Motorsport is the BEST Racing game on the XBox platform. And NO, let me restate that HELL NO I will not go back to iRacing where all the PC cheaters hang out. Plus the constant crashes and hardware issues associated with all PC games is horrific.

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There really isnt a lot of competition for them on XBox anyways. Best racing game on Xbox isnt saying much when you have no competitors. Same situation with FH

What do you mean? Assetto Corsa Competizione is pretty good. PCars was also good while it lasted, but it’s sadly dead now.


I think it will be announced at the Showcase.

Realistically, what else is there now that Bethesda has delayed Starfield and Redfall.

I think I agree with this.


Not sure why the quote didn’t work, was meant to quote StrivingBrush here.

ACC is an absolutely fantastic game. PCars2 is also fantastic too, at release it wasn’t but after all of the patches it is.

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Gotta be announced at showcase. No way this is coming out in fall 2023 with all the other games they got planned, already got delayed. This is the window for motosport!

They’ve probably run into a need for more bandwidth to execute the functions they need to make the game stand out from the rest. This means new hardware for the game to run quickly on, and a new Xbox in the works - hence the delay. Cooling issues with the new hardware may have become a setback also,. Again, I’m just speculating here. Look for the game to be released in tandem with the next generation of Xboxes! The question is, Quando?

Spring '23. Which, let’s be honest, is a bit of a bummer.

That’s an understatement. I can’t believe it is taking this long…

Agreed. As an OG forza player, this better be fantastic for being 6 years in the making or the brand is done.