"It appears your profile has been tampered with. You cannot proceed" ?????

Someone please help. I turned on Forza after not being able to play for a few weeks and it wont let me load my saved game. My profile has never been tampered with and I don’t understand why it is not working. I have a bunch of unicorns, not to mention money, cars and tunes and I really hope that they are not lost forever.

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Why were you not able to play? Did something happen to your game, or were you just unable to get on to play? Have you recently tried to copy your game files? That will always set off the anti-cheat mechanism.

I haven’t changed or copied anything. The game will open if I open and work just fine if its under a different game save.

The Answer You Don’t Want to Hear: There is nothing with a “tampered profile” that anyone, including Turn 10, can help you with to fix. It happens sometimes, either shutting down too quickly, exiting the game without allowing the saving to take place, or even loss of electricity from a storm can cause it.

What you might do, before deleting the (Gamertag) Saved Game file, is look in the save location on the hard drive on your tag and carefully eye all the various “saved” files - there may be around 30 of them for that gamertag - to check to see if one if marked with an exclamation point and the wording “corrupt.” If you find one (or more) of those, Delete just that file, then try restarting the game.

Unfortunately, if there are none, you’ll need to Delete the aforementioned (Gamertag) Saved Game file itself, and then start the game. You “might” not lose you Designs or Vinyls, but you will be starting over as far as the game is concerned. Achievements from the save are stored on Xbox LIVE, so none of those is removed.

your very right I did not want to here that but whats done is done. is there a way to save to prevent this from ever happening again. im very pissed that all the time I have invested into this game has just gone out the window. ive never had this happen before on any other game and it seems to be frequent with t10.

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