Issue with Mini Cooper '65? [see post #23]

If you convert the car to RWD…changing the accel on the differential dramatically changes the accel of the car, were talking seconds in lap time from changing it from 0 to 100.

You might think well that’s what its supposed to do, but this doesn’t work on other cars that i tried, just this one (bear in mind i haven’t tried all of them, but enough to get a good idea).

On a E class 92hp build at 0 accel the benchmark is at:
0-60 - 8.928s
0-100 - 40.159s
TOP SPEED - 105.1mph

On 100% accel the benchmark is at:
0-60 - 8.162s
0-100 - 21.774s
TOP SPEED - 119.8mph

Thats like 20-30hp worth of free gain lol

Surely that cant be right?


Dunno but imma try this out now. Lol.

Kind of odd but also sounds right at the same time.

The dif allows wheels to slip but stops them from slipping by transfering the power. if you are allowing maximum wheelspin but the car doesnt have the power for wheel spin and isnt trying to switch power back and fourth between left and right side and the car has plenty of grip to withstand having essentially a straight axle it should be faster.

AWD mini is even worse…accelerates so fast =/ definetly isnt right…also the engine cuts out while driving around lol.

Well at 0 all the torque would be escaping through the wheel that has less traction, maybe the drive train is asymmetrical so the one wheel gets all the torque

No the game is broken lol, doing 146mph with 90bhp, plus B class times in E with the mini and fiat x19 so far, 10 plus sec faster than E cars, LB wipe coming.
4WD Turbo = daft


Mini cooper with a certain build has ridiculous acceleration i’ve ran a lap at Road America East in C class as a C401 to show how fast it is, first saw this in a lobby but this needs to be fixed asap. There may be more cars out there with this problem i’m not sure.


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The '65 Mini Cooper was a well-known leaderboard car in FM5, and it is likely that the trait was inherited to FM6. It is not a bug.

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It is a bug. I’ve just ran 4 seconds quicker than what was 1st place around Road America on a standing start lap. This needs to be fixed asap as its going to ruin the leaderboards. D class, go look for yourself. its broken


hi can anyone help i jumped into a lobby to race with friends and jumped into a mini which hadnt got a tune for d class so i took one from storefront the owners name is I CJB 93 I unfortunately it drives like an f1 car with speed of 160 plus is it g;itched if so can it be remove as its unfair

Yeh couple of threads about it, its not a glitch just something wrong it seems the drivetrain swap mixed with the diff is what causes it.

Iv put a post about it earlier mate, i shared it to show how broken it is and hopefully get it fixed before the game gets properly released. Iv not put it up for personal gain, i just want to highlight a bug to hopefully get it resolved asap.

also when i used it i put a record up on d class daytona 24 hour can this be removed if
it is a glitch

ok mate but tbh id remove the setup offline as it will cause situations like this

Yeah broken and the fiat x19

Groan. But then it wouldn’t be Forza without a leaderboard wipe. Let’s hope they can ship quickly for a change. All hell’s gonna break loose come the 15th.

I just made one for drag, awd, go damn it hauls. It is broken, no excuses on this one.

youd think after since its introduction in Horizon someone at T10 would think about nerfing it like the muscle cars in FM4

Yeh its definetly broken! Hopefully its sorted soon.

Yep I saw the same Mini in a number of league races. Car was 4000 ft ahead after a 3 lap race and I didn’t put a foot wrong. Completely broken.