Is there an easy way to swap between auto and manual gears?

So i do like playing with auto and manual gears depending on my mood or what i am doing but i was wondering if there was an easier way to switch between them other than going through the options screens?

No, but it would be nice if they could be a part of the tuning, instead of the settings.

lol it’s 2 or 3 screens , how much easier do you want it

Those “2 or 3 screens” prevent a change between Online Adventures for example or after the playlist is selected in Ranked. Which can be annoying because depending on the car and thus the playlist MC or M can be the faster choice.
Individual settings for each car that can be saved would be very convenient.

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Yes, it is quite cumbersome. The game’s sluggishly-responsive ui aside, those ‘two or three’ screens for me include not just dipping into into settings, but further, going into game difficulty to get out of automatic, back out, and then into controller settings for my preferred shifting setup. On average, it takes me 25-30 seconds to change from one transmission mode to another. Having some sort of one-click toggle would be huge.

Wow. 25-30 seconds. That’s awful.

I was playing WRC 8 yesterday and yes, they have this as well. However, you can only switch a save setups after two rallies. WRC 8 has a very smooth but slightly less informative menu.

There is so much clutter in Forza’s menu that leads to a big delay when switch setups since its nested in settings.

Rayne SE, do you have a list showcasing which cars works best with MC and M?

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In story mode for a drift task it can take 10 minutes to get back to the part where you have to drift. Anyway even the few clicks is annoying.

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