Is there a multiplayer mode other than online adventure?

Is there a way I can just race in this game? Why am I in last for clean driving, taking the right lines through the corners, and some moron in a truck gets first because he just held the gas and pointed his truck in the general direction of the finish? In between the real races there are troll races that give points to the worst drivers. Can I just drive? Or do I have to play everything including driving through trees and hills and dirt, where skill is arbitrary?

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Nope :frowning:

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Thanks for the clarification.

I seriously cannot comprehend the decision making at turn10. I don’t know what to say.
I guess it’s back to single player for me.

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A lot of people here are in the same position. The single player is really good, too bad we can’t say the same about the multiplayer.

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You can create single pvp races on the server from any event icon on the map. Getting people on the servers to actually join them is another matter.

Most of the time I’m lucky if 1 person joins, but you can use blueprints to set up each race however you want. Car / class restrictions, increase # of laps, weather and time of day, collision on or off, etc.

I feel your pain. I decided to play ranked adventure last night and it was the same mess again. Ramming, checkpointing people, huge trucks or cars with all speed and no handling just wall riding around turns. Worst multiplayer of the series by far.

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I do that on the goliath blueprint vs the computer. That’s all I do, actually.
Maybe the upcoming route creator will be the saving grace.

Here’s my hopeful thoughts on how we may see FH4 evolve over time. I’m hopeful this is a game that will grow over the YEARS. The game has barely been out a month so have faith these developers will come to their senses.

I predict as the player base starts to run out of “single player” things to do and servers are actually FULL, people will begin to jump at every opportunity to join a pvp event. I’m not sure what this patch did today but every time I’ve player post patch the server was at 60-70 players. Pre-patch was regularly 10-40 at most. Might have been a staggered launch to ease servers if I had to guess.

I can appreciate the grand vision these guys had for this game which is essentially a giant shared world freeroam experience with impromptu races initiated whenever. This could all conceivably work if the matchmaking for the pvp races had its own menu selections obviously but at the very least the matchmaking should encompass the ENTIRE playerbase regardless of which server they are on. I don’t know the technical and gameplay complications this would add and I’m sure if each pvp race was broadcast to everyone the notifications would be none stop.

The 70 player shared freeroam is certainly a nice touch and much fun can be had with those players alone, but a proper matchmaking system that spans the entire playerbase is all but essential and I just don’t think the game is capable of it yet. Sounds insane considering previous entries had it but the structure of this game is fundamentally different. Here’s hoping!

You can try seasonal championships PvP. it is the most like the FH3 online championships.