Is the new corvette stingray a z51 package.

I have a hard time telling… the z51 package has slotted brakes, magnetic suspenison and dampers… any vette fans out there know?


Z51 Performance Package

The available Z51 Performance Package takes
Stingray performance to track levels. It includes larger
19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels; a dry-sump oil
system; Electronic Limited-Slip Differential; larger
front brakes, slotted rotors with black calipers; specific
gear ratios, shocks springs and stabilizer bars; plus
available Magnetic Ride Control and Performance
Traction Management.

So my opinion is NO - the C7 Sting Ray in the game is not the Z51 C7

and to be honest it doesn’t have any resemblance to a C7 from a driving and handling perspective either.

The last few generation Corvettes have been superb track cars tight off the showroom floor. I base this on the fact that since January 2011 I have owned a base base base C6 Coupe that has seen several track days with nothing more than a quick brake upgrade (High temp fluid, SS Braided lines, Performance Pads). In addition, I have been to Ron Fellow School in Nevada and driven each of the significant C6 models (Base, Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1) on the track. In addition, I have been instructing the Corvette Museum HPDEs at Sebring the last two years and got to spend some time in the new C7 on track as well.

As you would expect, at the basic performance package level that is currently offered the C7 lives up to the hype and outperforms the equivalently packaged C6.

These cars are a dream to drive. Well ballanced, Expected and smooth steering response. Capable and consistent throttle and braking responses.

For goodness sake, don’t judge Corvette C7 by the handling handful nightmare that Forza gave us. I can hardly force myself to drive the Laguna Seca Rivals in the stock C7.
It has no grip. It has throttle to rear wheel feel of a 60s musclecar (all power no handling). It has no brakes. It drives like a straightline powerpig.

What an incredible insult to the effort the Corvette put in to the new C7.


agree with the g8trbob1. Spent the other day surrounded by lambo’s, ferrari’s, bently’s, astons, maserati/s, the new Vette was there too, although it wasn’t used. Nothing sounded the same…nor really moved similarly. It was around 20 cars total, and while I didn’t drive any, we were moving em around all day. Im still kinda scratching my head about the whole thing…

I didnt think it was a z51 it either it just doesnt seem to stop n corner like its supposed too

what’s worse is that I think I would have to have pre-cooked my brakes and be driving on over-inflated bald street tires to get the “great” handling characteristics of the Forza C7. I’m not sure what I could do to a vette to get the throttle response to be so spongy and the traction to be so loose.

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Really? I have absolutely no problem handling the C7 and think it’s one of the best stock handling vehicles in the game. It suits the way I drive perfectly. Probably my favorite car now.

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I like the car too. Up until a couple days ago you could have told me it was realistic. Thing was, I spent 10 hours shuffling those cars across two loc’s and while there we’re similarities, things like the aventador didn’t sound the same…moved a bit differently…I guess, and this is only after reading a pcars thread, that it might be due to how tires are handled in the game? Dunno. The sound thing still has me confused. maybe it was just me…was pretty busy that day…

From what I have heard (and keep in mind that Forza Motorsport is NOT a Simulation game and it isn’t passed off as one either, it’s passed off as a racer for casual and hardcore players) is that the tires are very realistic feeling in this game, but the suspension is not. It’s much improved from prior games, but it isn’t quite there yet to be able to be passed off as a simulator. It simulates the tires and some suspension aspects, but it’s also meant to feel relatively easy to casuals with all of the assists, yet hardcore with all of the assists off. I’d call it a semi-simulation game or casual simulation racer.

I’m just whining. After a few months drooling over a that Midnight Race Blue Z-51 C7 Coupe - that my wife doesn’t think I need - I guess I was just a bit over anxious to get to at least drive one EVERY day in Forza. Just disappointed that it feels so sloppy bone stock. I’m sure that I can spend some time tuning it to make it more fun, but ultimately - I think the wife’s gonna have to learn to like a new C7.

I haven’t run across a car in the game that I’m familiar with in real life that acts the same. I have a '73 Z07 package L82 Corvette that should be quite similar to a C3 ZR-1 like in the in game and it’s not even close. The in game car stock handles nowhere close and going up an incline like at the Alps bogs it down in top gear. If you plant your foot in my real one going up a good incline like that in 4th it’s still goin all kinds of places and the '73 L82 was a bit weaker than the LT-1. I’ve also driven a good handful of Mopar B-bodies, have had a '70 Roadrunner and now have a '70 Superbee, although both mine were 383 cars, and once again it’s not really close. (And the stock spare wasn’t a half worn modern BF Goodrich radial T/A like in the trunk in Forzavista :stuck_out_tongue: ) I take it for what it is, a game. it’s fun looking out over dashboards in detail I’m familiar with and by the time I’m racing them in game they’re built to the top of any given class and nowhere close to what’s in the driveway anyway.

I know its not sim…but its all we got… lol! Interesting about the suspension. makes me wonder…

Actually yes it is a Z51 technically. All Z51 equipped C7 vettes have split spoke wheels. ALL non Z51 vettes are solid 5 spoke.

yea and the Z-51 package comes with 19s and 20s - so if you just want to go by appearances its Z-51. But then again, by appearances one might think a Fiero with body kit is a Lambo

LOOK. Here;s the bottom line on that question. T10 didn’t call it a Z-51. Let’s not further insult the the real world engineering effort by even considering it is a Z-51. If you go online and build your own C7 you have choices between Coupe and Convertible, then Z-51 or no Z-51 and the level of aesthetic dressup (1LT, 2LT, 3LT). If you go shopping for a C7, If it says Z-51 - it is. If it doesn’t - Its not.

So i wonder if sport brakes, sport suspension, sport arbs and a sport lsd would make a replica? Or is that pushing it?

I cant fugure out why this doesnt seem to have much grip… not to sound like a fanboy, bc i love both games, bit the c7 in gran turismo has tons of grip, it actually has so much grip it understeers if u dont give it enough throttle. Please tell me im missing something, bc all of the rave reviews of this corvette’s handling, control and drivability, and reviewers are calling the c7 the best vette ever, yet i just dont see it represented in this game.

Yeah, I still have no sense in what you are talking about, not saying you are wrong, just saying that I couldn’t understand the problems with the car as I think it’s probably one of the easiest and best handling cars hands down that Forza has ever seen. This is obviously just my opinion as yours is to you. Do you drive with all assists off and manual with clutch?

The thing cant even make it up the hill in laguna seca, the brakes are terrible and its horrible at putting power down. Drive the one in gran turismo and tell me how much better it feels, this version seems a step off.

Do you have a glitched C7? I just ran it on Mazda against some cars that are higher class like the SLR and SLS and it killed them by 1-2 seconds (I ran laps in about 5 cars to test this thing out myself all with no assists and manual w/clutch with near perfect laps). This thing is quick! My friend thinks the same thing and he doesn’t drive like me at all.

And let’s put it this way. The ONLY Corvette I have ever liked are the C2 Stingray (for looks, performance and is iconic) and the ZR1 (for drifting). Until they released the C7 of course, I wasn’t much of a Corvette fan.

its got to be the tune. I’ve had trouble finding one that worked for me… after 8 hours of trying to figure out tuning…the things on rails, yet powerful. Love it.
…this is from someone who hasn’t thought much of anything coming out of Detroit, since they got bailed out in the '90’s…